How to do Smokey Eyes : Learn from Professional Makeup Artist Heather B

Hi guys is Makeup by Heather B welcome back to those who have seen my other videos if you’re new, welcome, and if you
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upload new videos alright, so, today I’m so excited to
share with you one of my favorites and its my take on a
grayish dramatic smokey eye. so, so many people
ask, how to do smokey eyes or you know how, how dark should it be,
what color should i use there are so many different ways to do smokey eyes and so many different colors but I just wanted to share with you
might take on a grayish dramatic smokey eye okay so here we go. lets get smokin! first thing i’m gonna start with is MAC painterly this is just my shadow primer I just use my finger and we’re going to get
a little bit of this on all over the entire eye. now you are about to learn really fast
why I do my eyes before my face makeup so you wanna do this before you apply
your face makeup alright, first step done. so that is our
eye shadow primer next I’m gonna go in with my MAC 224
brush and I’m gonna use a color by MAC its called
copper plate and Its just the matte kinda like a grayish concrete color and i’m gonna shade in the
crease of my eyes going all the way to the inner corner lets do the other eye. Alright, I don’t know why this is so far away I’m getting old, I can’t see as well. ok once your crease color is on we’re gonna go through with our lid color and I’m gonna do… this color by MAC its called night divine by MAC. I’m gonna load up just a firm flat brush and pack the color on my eye lid now because our face makeup isn’t done we can get messy with it so don’t worry. I’m just packing my color all over
the eye lid so from the lash line up to the crease color that we just did. all right now we’re getting to the fun stuff
so I’m gonna take a black eye shadow this one is carbon my MAC I’m gonna load it up ont a smaller fluffy brush the 217 and I’m getting a lot of product on my
brush and I’m gonna go this is where things
get messy so don’t worry I’m gonna look scary but I’m not gonna leave it we’re gonna start in the corner here and we’re
just gonna pack that color almost in like a corner V. i’m gonna get more
product couldn’t more is better and so going in the
corner blending it up into the crease and you look like you kinda got punched in
the face but don’t worry same thing on the other side add our dark so I’m going about half way in to my eye with the dark color okay
alright so now we can see a really harsh line okay. its not a very
attractive smokey eye so lets make it a little bit prettier.
take our crease brush and I’m gonna take bamboo by MAC it is just a lighter brown color no shimmer and I’m just going to go over these colors to blend them we want it to be nice and soft. if you
watch my other videos you hear me say this everytime you wanted to be nice and softly blended
up to the brow bone, no harsh lines this is one of the biggest things that I
find a lot of women when they’re doing smokey eyes do but
you can see the difference between the two eyes one is nice and softly blended and the other one you can just see where
the dark stops so that’s the reason for this step K so once that is blended I will then go
back with just a lighter color anything light and shimmery, I’m gonna use shroom by MAC and apply it right underneath my brow to give it just a little bit of a lift little bit of a highlight, same thing on the this side K we are gonna do some eyeliner now so this was a little drugstore find I was
out of my Laura Mercier gel liner which if
you watch my last video we used this is by L’Oreal Paris and its an awesome gel liner in its way inexpensive so its great so same thing as I taught before you can just
dip your brush into your product and put on the back of your hand because that way um you can kinda warm
the product up and its a little bit easier to work with okay when you’re lining your eyes I just close
one eye start pick a corner don’t try to get a
straight line cuz it’s really hard to do just make short little strokes now I know what you are thinking when is
this going to transform into looking normal so this is like smokey eye gone bad and I’m gonna show you with one quick trick how to make it look
beautiful. I learned this from my good friend Amina, when I was working at MAC so just take a makeup wipe. what you wanna do is clean up all this makeup that maybe you had some fallout clean all that up go at
the corner of your eye with the wipe here its wrapped around my finger and we’re gonna
go at the corner and we’re just gonna swipe upward almost connecting my brow with the corner of my eye K and now as you can see on this eye you have that nice line you probably watch
tutorials where they put scotch tape on their eye thats really uncomfortable don’t do that
just do this step. all you have to do is just clean it up and it creates that really nice
line for you okay same thing on the other side we’re just
going to clean up underneath on the side here and just sweep upward towards our brow just like that and instantly you just made
yourself look ten times better so that’s a really good trick that I
have to get that nice defined line you can make it softer if you wanna
blended out but I like it for a really dramatic look, okay. wipe this off so we don’t get it
everywhere so now this is the point in my
makeup process that I would do my face makeup so I’m not gonna for the sake of time
in this video go through every single steps so if you want to learn how I do my face makeup in
detail click on the link and you can see that
video but for now I’m gonna do my face makeup really fast and we’re gonna come back for the finishing touches on the eyes K. alright once my face makeup is on, now I’m gonna move onto going back to the eyes and just doing a few finishing touches so I want it to be really dramatic and
smokeuy so I’m gonna take this black eyeliner this one is by MAC it’s a it called feline, its nice and black and
I’m just gonna put this in the water line of my eye so all in here this is just gonna kinda make my eyes
look even more dramatic because we takin it up and notch so you can kind of see the difference between the two eyes. makes it look a little bit smaller but it just makes them pop a
little bit more and it just makes your eye shadow a
little bit more dramatic K same thing on the side alright once that is on, instead of
taking black eye liner all the way around the eye now too what I’m gonna do is just take our angle
brush that we used for our eye shadow I’m gonna use the same color that we
used on the lid which is night devine and I’m gonna smudge this underneath the
lash line as my bottom liner so it’s not as harsh as black eyeliner all the way around same thing on the other side basically just enough so that it really
rims the outside of my eye kinda ties the eye shadow together so once
thats done then we’re gonna apply mascara I’m just gonna to light coat cause we’re actually gonna
apply false eyelashes for this look alright once your mascara is on I do just a light
coat because we’re gonna put false ones on anyway you don’t wanna curl your eyelashes when
you’re wearing false ones because when you curl your natural one sometimes they just
don’t lay in the false ones won’t lay as well on top so I typically do not curl my eye lashes
when I wear fake eye lashes we’re gonna be using, these are by
Ardell, I get these at sallies they are awesome. this one particular lash is
called the demi wispies and I get em in black they’re so pretty on um they have like
a little bit of a wing on the corner so they just give you that really nice cat eye
kinda flirty look so when you’re wearing false eyelashes
you always wanna measure them to the eye first I’ve worn these before so I know on they’re a good
length for me but measure them first if you need to trim them, trim from the outer corner okay when you look at them
you basically, whatever is the shortest corner is whats gonna be on the inner
corner and in this case they’re just laid for you left and right. alright Im gonna be using the house of lashes eyelash adhesive I
love this stuff it smells good some eyelash glue smell kinda fishy which
is gross but this I just get a tiny coat of glue on the rim of the lash okay you dont wanna use too much but you want to make
sure that you get it evenly spread on the rim okay once thats set for just a few seconds then we’re gonna
start to apply it so what you wanna do is you can use tweezers if its easy whatever is easiest for you because it can be a frustrating step for alot of women so what I do is I just kinda hold it
between my two fingers let the glue dry just a few seconds you
can kind of start to tell when it kinda bubbly, that its ready its ready to be applied, and you just wanna
look down into a mirror and I come from above place eyelash on
the corner then you just wanna go along the line
and press it on to your lashes K but it helps if you are looking down
into a mirror instead of trying to put them on straight
on if you try to put a straight on it’s going to be hard to do with your natural
lashes okay so now we want to do is we wanna put the other one on some times I’ll kinda bend the lash like that
the kind get it to form a little bit closer to my or you know be able to form to the eye and
not just straight alright the same thing on this side and just look down into the
mirror come from above so you’re going over your
lashes and then just place it on one edge and just take your finger and kind of
press the lashes down to secure them onto my
eyes just like that and it makes a huge difference
in your makeup application this is great you know I always do
eyelashes on my brides and anyone who is wanting to bump up their makeup
look I always do false eyelashes there just kind of fun to have. now don’t get frustrated they are they do get kinda complicated to put on
so don’t get frustrated just keep working with them you’ll get the hang of it I
promise alrights so we’re gonna move onto the brows this is just soft brown by Anastasia their brow pencils so I’m just gonna use a little bit of this to define my brow area. I’m gonna start right where the brow
grows and I’m just going to do a line for to shape the bottom of my brow okay then I’m gonna go back and I just need to fill in I’m
a little sparse right in these corners so I’m just gonna lightly shade that in and go through the rest my brow K same thing on the other side the one thing I do like about this
product is there the brush on the other end so you can just go through & comb that color through if you got a
little heavy-handed or made a mistake this will kind of help to
minimize that and erase a little bit of that product to and it gets your brows going all in the same direction as well then lastly what were gonna do is add a
little bit of a neutral lip and we will be good to go and whenever
you are doing a more dramatic eye you wanna go a little bit more natural on
the lips cause if you do a lot of color everywhere, its like, whoa! hello?! so just a good rule of thumb I’m using
MAC viva glam 5 you can tell its my favorite it’s almost gone
and I’m not doing liner because I don’t want I just don’t want that look
right now. I just want lip stick and a light gloss so that was MAC viva glam 5 its a great neutral its kinda like my lip color just accentuated a little bit and this is just a cover girl gloss okay so that one is by covergirl its called candy licious candy licious its a really pretty
color I’m not a huge fan of those really white nude lip colors so this is kind of my version of a smokey dramatic eye. I hope that you liked it
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