How to Draw a 3D Optical Illusion with Pencil – Fine Art-Tips

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! Today I will do a drawing in 3D. I start by sketching what will be a deep hole. To get the 3D effect make sure all the lines
inside the hole converge at the point you are looking from. For this I hold the ruler fixed at the base
of the camera, while the other end swings to get the lines
in the right direction. To draw a pole which is going to be coming
out of the whole, I do the same but with a longer tool. And for a sphere I use a small ball and I
mark some dots at the base, the sides and the top. The top will come all the way over here,
looking from the other viewpoint. Uniting the dots I get a sphere which if viewed
from the right viewpoint it will look like a circle. And I draw a fictitious piece of paper. Inside of this thing I am going to make a
spying eye. All the time I keep checking through the camera
to see how is it looking. In fact to get the 3D effect, make sure you look through the
camera, or otherwise close one eye. I start shadowing. I will say the light is
coming from the top left. I do a middle tone for the background, and
then I smudge it with the brush, also going over the piece of paper so that
it gets some color. I give some shadow to the paper and with an
eraser, I erase the the tone on the corner, so that it looks like it is lifting. Then with a brush I darken just by it, so
as to give more the effect. I repeat the same technique on the other edge. I draw a shadow to the post and then I smudge
it with the brush so that it is a soft shadow. Lets give some volume to this eye. I use a black prismacolor for the pupil because
I want it REALLY dark. And with some blue I do the iris. This is how it is looking if you look at it
from the wrong viewpoint. But from the right one it starts showing the
volume of the 3D. I am going to erase this part to open the
eye a little bit more because I think it would look better. Like this. I go over the sides of the post so that it
stands out more. I give some reflections and some red capillaries. Ok, the final touches to the alien eye. Please let me know what
do you think about it. If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE and
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