How to Draw a Beta Fish With Color Pencils and Markers

Hello my friends an welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! My name is Leonardo Pereznieto
and today we will draw a beta fish. He is actually my pet, his name
is Apollo and his fish bowl is part of a sculpture installation I made
some time ago, that includes a cat that is playing with him. I hope you like the tutorial. We mark the size of the body
from this point to this one and then the tail up to here. Then we sketch the outline
of the body and the fins. Like this. And we begin to give it more detail. For this I´m using a blue pencil,
that can be erased. I draw some lines following the shape
of the body, that will help me, doing the scales straight. Now with a blue marker, I fill in
the head and the area of the bottom part of the body. I switch to a green, and then to a red
for the fins and the tail. But the changes of tone,
the shading and the detail, I´ll do them with pencils. For example with a blue pencil that is a little bit
darker than the one of the markers, we can do the shading. We can also add some of this blue on the red. And that´s because the red of the markers
tends toward orangy while the red of Apollo is darker. With different tones of blueish
and greenish, we do the scales. We can make them with little round shapes. The once in this area will be lighter. But I mix some of these in, with
other colors, so as to achieve different tones of reflections. And I use a darker blue,
to make some points stand out. And then with a lighter one,
we blend the tone of the head to the body, applying it on both. We need to do the shading
and texture to other flipper which by the way will have the tip blue. I want them to look soft and wavy,
in the water, we can use a purple for this. The end of the tail, is also blueish. By doing the shading we imbue
movement and life. I am going over this with one of
those colorless blenders so as to integrate the shading a little bit better. I add just a little bit more to the upper
part of the tail. Apollo is in front of me and he is modeling. He looks very happy. I think he likes to be drawn! [laugh]. With a very light blue, we give some accents to some reflections. Then with the blue marker, we
do the borders of the fins, because they are of this color. Good! Like this. We shade the lower part of this fin. So that it looks like it is moving,
as if it was waving. We do the last details,
and it is ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it
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the links are below. And I will see you, on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


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