How to draw a bird — Prismacolor colored pencils.

Hi guys today i am going to draw a beautiful
bird named lilac breasted roller. I chose to draw this bird because of its beautiful
color distribution. Drawing a bird is actually very easy with colored pencils. Especially
when drawing small birds like this one. So in this tutorial i am trying to explain the
process of coloring in a step by step manner so that you can easily follow.
I am using prismacolor pencils for this tutorial and i drew this on a canson fine grain paper.
I am planning to use baby oil as the solvent so you dont need to have a sharp pencil point
always. As you can see i have made the outline here with graphite pencil. i will erase it
along the coloring process so that it wont show up in the final drawing.
I am starting off with the color light aqua for most of its belly and a small area on
its head. as you can see i am not at all worried about the uniform application of the pencil
and you dont need a sharp point either. just fill in the area with the color and thats
all that we need. Now switch to the color true blue and draw
some rough lines in the direction of feathers. and make the area below the wing darker with
the same color. and then switch to the color violet blue and draw below the wings and towards
the upper edge of the belly. These areas are the shadows of wing and breast feathers. and
draw some rough lines in the direction of feathers just like we did with the true blue.
Now take the color lilac and draw a base layer over its chest. These lilac colored feathers
are the reason for the name of this bird. But we will use a few more colors other than
lilac too. otherwise the bird will look too flat.
I am using the color parma violet now to draw some rough lines like we just did on the belly.
Notice the direction of the feathers now. it curves around its chest towards the neck.
After drawing some lines i am using the color magenta to make this area a bit more interesting.
and i drew some rough lines with the color magenta too.
Now moving on to the next area i am using pink as the base color and carmine red as
the dark color. and draw this small area just like we did with the previous colors. i am
using sienna brown additionally to make the area towards its eye darker.
Using the colors indigo blue and dark umber i am drawing its beak and eyes. just a few
layers will do. and notice that i am using the color true blue for the lighter areas
of her beak. her head is mostly white but i am using blues pinks and violets to draw
a few feathers over her head. Make sure that you dont apply the pencils heavily.
Now coming to the wing, i am using rosy beige as the base color. Then use sienna brown towards
the bottom. To darken it further i am using dark umber towards the lower edge. and to
make it more colorful i am adding a few layers of oranges as well.
using a black pencil i am drawing the remaining parts of the wing. there is nothing special
here just fill in the area with pencil. Now it is time to dissolve the colors with
baby oil. Just take some baby oil in a synthetic brush and wipe off the excess and apply it
over the drawing. the pencil strokes will get dissolved and fill the paper evenly. It
also helps to eliminate the grainy look of the paper and it makes the colors much more
vibrant. I am leaving behind the head feather righ now because i dont need to make it darker.
so i will use blender pencil instead of baby oil.
Like i said before, i am using only blender pencil for the head. Now with the help of
an electric eraser i am further defining the feathers. just use some lazy strokes in the
direction of feathers. If you dont have an electric eraser, a normal eraser or a white
pencil will do the job. I am using the colors violet blue and white
for adding a few more feathers to the belly. and i am darkening some areas with a black
pencil for getting a better contrast. finally i will draw the tree branch and the
feet with some grey brown and black pencils. The drawing is complete now. It took me only
45 minutes to draw this one. Like i said its very easy and rewarding to draw a small bird
like this. so give it a try. Thank you for watching and dont forget to subscribe for
more videos like this. You can follow me on all the social media linked below.


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