How to draw a car – designing the Lexus LF-SA

My name is Shahidul Alam. I am a designer here at ED Squared. And I am also a recent graduate of Transport Design from Coventry University. Upon graduation I have been working here for the Lexus division. I am going to show you how we drew the LF-SA And just a bit of detail and the processes that were involved What we are doing here is essentially, basically, getting the foundations in. So as you can see what I am working on now is getting the perspective, just trying to quickly draft it out. I’m trying to determine the proportions of the car, the stance. And what I’m starting with is essentially the wheels. We believe it’s important to have something unique, in the sense of expression of style, so as you can see I’m working with pencil here and I’m really trying to define the outline of the car, just so the shape is much more evident. Also, as it’s a Lexus, it’s very important to get the spindle grille in, which is a key signature at the moment for any Lexus you’re working on. It’s always important to ensure that you’re just free, because sometimes when you start restricting yourself, that’s when you realise it’s becoming too normal. At the end you would put the logo in, just to give it the Lexus feel. Once you’re confident with your general drawing, it’s important to get the highlights right, the shadows right, and in that way the car itself will start to speak. So I’ve now scanned in the sketch, and we work to develop it in order for it to become a real car. In the professional environment, we’re always racing against time so what I’m trying to define now is the crucial lines. Design is really important in the sense that it kind of shapes the future to some extent, not just aesthetically, but from a design point of view we’re able to capture or understand where the needs are and what people are expecting. And not only that, the beauty is you’re actually working to create a product that, not only fills a need, but also helps enrich the lives of other people, whether or not they know it. From our point of view we feel that sometimes when you see something, you might not always like it, but when you do, you don’t always know why, and these intriguing questions are things that we always look forward to answering, so I think from that point of view, design is pretty important. It might be something that’s considered not as important as it should be, but it really does drive the future.


  • 蘇航

    maybe next time you don't switch camera when he's drawing or fast forward so your film can match your title

  • vickey kumar

    You working with company ?


    I want to be an engeenier designer when I'm older

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    Anyone know the song (instrumental) nice beat

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    I just draw like a square, with wheels

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    по вашему 1:54 и 3:25 это одна и та же машина?))))

  • Harsh Bhardwaj

    Bro I want to know about your journey
    How u got this opportunity to work with Lexus as I m also doing my bachelor in transportation and nobility design

  • Trace Ford

    A job a robot can never take away from you.

  • Roi De Guzman

    Sketch: “ oh its a sedan”

    Computer: “oh its an SUV”

    Manufactured: “ITS A FUCKING HATCH BACK?!”

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    How to make the perfect video in 4 minutes…

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    From the name,I'm guessing he is a Bangladeshi. if he is,We are The Bangalees are proud of you my man.❤

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    Thank you Lexus

  • SR arts

    Plz can u tell me after 2nd year what u have taken for this car design

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    is he Bangladeshi?

  • Cyber Design

    Did anybody else noticed that the car he designed had no mirrors?

    (No hate just a notice)

  • WeBe Flexin

    Don’t get me wrong this guy is an amazing artist and this isn’t shade towards him, but that car is FUGLY ASF this is why people don’t get away from traditional cars cause every car that can take us all one step into the future either looks gay or is too damn expensive (Tesla)…

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    This is why I love Lexus car

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  • Muhammad Ahmad

    I am a 3d car modeller and designer. As a designer I reaaly respect ur video bcz its difficult but cool work to do. Big hands for graphics designer's

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    something tells me he's an Indian
    y'all think the same?

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    I hope when he drew a car he gets that.

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    What pencil is that

  • Semen on a gingerbread hehe

    So basically I’m shit

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    Cool video but tbh that cars ugly as hell

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    The car doesn't look to good does it

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    This is the power of industrial design course

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    вот как делается говно 😀

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    This guy is a genius. I like a lot this video.

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    I always draw cars every where when I were young, even in class.

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    What Material is Used For Make A Car design Name?

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    What type of course do to this designer


    Which car designing
    software you use in computer

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    What should I do to get the position like you?


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