How to Draw a Chocolate Snickers Bar With Color Pencils – With a 3D Effect

Hello my friends and welcome!
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we will draw a delicious Snickers bar. We begin by sketching the shape
…. a line for the side, and the one on the back. A vertical one, and
then the frontal part which is not going to be square
because of the wrapping. Let´s mark the space where
the letters will be, right here. The only thing is that I
did them crooked, let me correct them. We erase it, and the shadow
is going to be down here, trying to keep the same perspective. What I mean is that the lines
will meet at the same vanishing point. I´m using a mechanical pencil
with a 0.7 mm led. To draw the letters I recommend
that first you draw parallel lines if needed measuring and then,
the letters inside each of the rectangles that you will have. With a brown marker we lay
the base color of the wrapping. We do the border, and then
we fill it in. At this stage, it doesn´t
matter if is not even. Good! With a blue marker, we do
the base for the letters. This is really fun! I love drawing so much! I hand´t said that for a while
isn’t it? That´s because some people complained that
I always say the same thing, but this time I could´t withhold it,
because, I really love it. With an orange pencil and then
going over with a red one, we do the border. And with a darker blue pencil
we give it more intensity to the letters. Good! I like it how it is beginning to look. By the way the list of materials is in
the description of the video. Of course we also go over
the letters on the side. With a dark brown pencil
and in fact, with browns and different hues, we do
the packaging. This is not only even as
it has different printed tonalities, as well as shadows
and reflections. The side of course will be darker,
because it catches less light. And towards the front,
it will have a grayish reflection. And we continue in this way
enriching it with the color pencils. With the white we can
create reflections, on the angle and over here in front. Good! It is starting to look like a Snickers bar
[smiles]. The back and where the bar touches the surface, it should go darker. For this we use the black pencil. And then, the shadow. Drawing a good shadow sort
of brings the object into a 3D effect. And then, with a white greasy pastel,
we can give it light reflections… like so. And we reinforce the shadow,
closer to the bar. Very good! We do the last details,
we straighten the shadow… do some more reflections, and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


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  • Crafting Memories1

    Don't let others dampen your passionate feelings, I love to hear you say how much you love drawing and how you like how it is looking. Your passion is what defines you as an artist.

  • Holly Tree

    Lets say you want to draw 2 cartoon characters. For instance, a fox and a bear. You want to draw them with similar characteristics so all your characters can be easily recognized as being by the same artist. Like in a children's illustrated book, where even the background, such as a nature scene, even has that familiarity with the characters, the artist's style.

    Could you take on a project such as this and show maybe the two simple characters and how to give them the same style?

  • G. Rodriguez

    Always be yourself… "You (I) love drawing." It's your catch phrase. Bob Ross painted "Happy trees". Be yourself and please continue the Amazing tutorials. Thanks you again

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  • Megan Coyle

    @Fine Art-Tips I have a question for you, Mr. Pereznieto. Do you have any tips on ways for me to draw (especially with a pen) while lying down? Obviously, lying down is not a very good position to be in for drawing, but I have been restricted to bed rest due to a chronic illness that involves my spine, and I really, really want to keep drawing! It's a stress-reliever for me.

    I have done quite a few drawings while laying on my side in the past few years, but with my latest health issues, I don't think lying on my side is going to work. (I tried it yesterday and am in terrible pain today from laying that way.) Do you have any ideas as to how I could draw comfortably? I am able to sit up with my head at a 30-45 degree angle with minimal pain, but that's as far as I can go. Could you perhaps ask any other artists you know if they have any ideas? I am open to any suggestions anyone might have, including suggestions from other fans of your art!

    Thanks so much for your help!

  • Malepointer

    I look forward to your narrative almost as much as I do the awesome talent you show us with each drawing.  Be the best version of yourself you can be and don't feel pressure to leave anything out of your posts.  They never cease to amaze me and neither do you.

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    Beautiful Art 👍 Congratulazioni Leonardo !!! Grazie per questo video.

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