How to draw a fashion sketch step by step for beginners

Hi, I am Ioana Avram and I’m a fashion designer
and a fashion illustration teacher from Romania, Europe.
Today we will learn together how to do some fashion sketches, step by step.
We already know how to build the human body. I will just quickly make a sketch here, just
to know the position of the body and I will get to the costume.
I will draw some lines here just to see the position of the body and then from the beginning
I will start with the last step, with the connections. We can go crazy with the hat
or with any kind of accessories: large earrings or a decorative costume.
We are not very interested exactly in the fabrics or in the costume but the human body
becomes a support for the illustration in itself.
We will use lines and dots and surfaces to create the human body and the costume.
We can add a big ribbon here, if you want. And after doing a lot of exercises, you can
have the human body directly from one single stroke, you don’t need other exercises,
and I will show you my Copic. They are having 2 sides: the bold one and
the small one. For example here. And I like the warm grays because they are very different
and you can buy any color you want. With this large one you can cover any surfaces, like
this, in strokes and in very simple lines. You will see that the markers are transparent
and if you want to make another shape, you just superpose and you will get darker and
darker – so you can make a lot of gradients for example. And if you want some details
you can go with the other edge and just draw with it.
Like this. And if you want a darker one, we can use this one.
And you will see that in the store you’ll have a lot of edges for your markers. You
will have also another one that is like a brush, you can use it, or bigger and smaller,
round shape or like this one and it’s very important to have bigger sizes to cover the
surfaces, like this time. And at the end you will just need, for example,
Derwent charcoal light or dark for the details. And the lips – I just draw the lips – and
the edge of the nose, because the eyes you cannot see this time, and some shadows if
you want or some details on the dress and that’s it.
So I used Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth 8B, I used Copic markers, the bigger and the smaller
size, and Derwent charcoal the light and also the dark one.
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  • mosquito caribe

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  • Fashion teaching

    to Alli Cat:
    i use Koh-I-Noor and Toison d'Or

  • Shivani Soni

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  • Lavinia

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    @Louise: happy to help

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  • Fashion teaching

    @Nikoletta Neophytou: soon, i will open an online store with all the materials needed. stay tuned

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  • Fashion teaching

    @Alexshey Kang: thank you for your words:)

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