How to Draw a Ferrari Portofino – a Narrated Sketch

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today we will draw the new Ferrari Portofino. We start by sketching a boxy shape,
suggesting the size we want it to be. So we basically mark the back,
the front, the top and the bottom. Then I usually draw the shape
of the fenders for the wheels and tires. A common error
is to make the axis for these wheels vertical. It shouldn´t be. It should be slightly tilted, because the tire should be perpendicular to the shaft that
holds them and that goes to the tire on the other side. Once we have that basic construction
we can start giving it a general shape. Such as of the long and curving
front that holds the powerful 8 cilinder twin turbo engine. Here go the front grill
and the air intakes. And let´s do the line of the upper part
of the fenders. It is very curvy! I find this car sexy [laughter]. The windshield gets up to here
and it is so aerodynamic, so it is tilted back. This drawing is not going to be
too much in detail, it is going to be sketchy. Here is the middle of the front
where the prancing horse will be. And here the logo. And then we have two folds
that go back… … like so. Good! I think it is starting to take shape. The front lights go here
and the rear fender. I´m using a Col-Erase pencil
from Prismacolor, which is good for this because, unlike most
color pencils… which are oil or wax based, this one can
easily be erased. So I like it for
sketching. I´m using the black of a color set,
which is more black than a regular graphite pencil. The list of materials, as always,
is in the description under the video. And the front should be curving
a little bit more. With the knead eraser, I lighten
a lot of the line to make a slight corrections and draw a more
definite line. As you see my original sketch
was a bit off in some places, but I think it is good to start
sketching without fear because you can always do the corrections
later. Like here the back tire
which should have been a little bit longer. I love doing this! I mean I love drawing
and painting sport cars. It is one of my passions. In fact a long time ago
I did study car design, and for a while I made my
living drawing and painting portraits of super cars! You can see some of them
in a secret place in my website That site shows my more
serious art, which consists of figure sculptures and
paintings and stuff like that. Which is what I exhibit in
museums and galleries. And I was advice several times
not to mix the cars with that. However, I couldn´t resist
showing them to my friends car lovers. And therefore, if you want to take
a peek, simply type I still do them sometimes
because I lover them! But these days
only on commission. So, if you own a Ferrari,
or a super-car, and you want me to immortalize it [laughter] go ahead and contact me! [Through my website]. Ok, good! And as you saw,
we started doing some of the shading. It is good to have photo
references to see how the shading and the reflections work. And here let´s draw the logo
on the side. I actually thought I was going to do
this more sketchy and I got carried away a little bit with the details. I hope you like it! And it´s ready! If you enjoyed it, please give it
a LIKE! share it to your friends and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you,
on Tuesday πŸ˜‰ Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


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