How to Draw a Ferrari With Colors – How to Draw a Car

Hello my friends, today we will
draw a Ferrari with color! With lose strokes we sketch
the area that will contain it. We sketch the tires. I like doing them toward the beginning because
I think they help me getting a correct proportion. Using them as reference we can do the
flooring, the fender, the air intake and so on. Let´s work on the front part. Of course the original strokes we
did are not going to be totally correct but they are going to gives a good
guideline to then keep constructing and correcting anything as needed. The fender on this side goes more about here. And the rear tire goes a little bit forward. About here. Yeah, that´s it. Having the general shape we
can start giving details. Very good. Now it is time to color! With a red color we can do
the areas that go intensely solid. For the red shadows we can
start marking with a blue marker and then go over it with the red,
to get the right tonality. The air intake, the shadow, the tires,
and the dark reflections on the windshield, can go black. You may use pencils to graduate the color, what I mean is, if you used a
marker and you have a solid area and you want to gently degrade this into a
lighter tone, you may use a pencil to achieve this effect. The dark of the glass I´ll do
it with a charcoal pencil, to be able to easily smudge it
with a cotton or with a stump. Markers and color pencils give
you a very nice combination it is a pleasure to work with this! As the windshield is done with charcoal,
we can easily pull a light with the eraser. Let´s give it the last
details and it is ready! Please let me know what
do you think about it and if you liked it, please give it a LIKE
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