How to draw a fish – Prismacolor colored pencils tutorial.

Hi guys, today i am going to do a tutorial
on how to draw a fish. In this tutorial i am drawing a Tropical silver fish using prismacolor
pencils on canson fine grain paper. The techniques i am using here is applicable to almost all
kinds of fishes so have fun drawing your favourite fish using these techniques.
I have already made a rough outline here. You can draw an outline by freehand or using
your favourite tracing method. Thats upto you ! So i am starting off with the basic
color of the fish the light aqua. i will cover most of its belly and head with light aqua
using several thin layers. Notice that i used only a few layers towards the top. Also block
in the head with the same color and use more layers just above the side fin. Draw the upper
edge with the same color and just extend it towards the edges of tail fin.
now switch to the color true blue. Draw a few thin layers on the lower belly of the
fish. Dont forget to blend the color to light aqua so that there are no rough edges. With
the true blue itself darken the areas under the side fin, upper edge of head and cheek
like i am doing in this drawing. Now with the color aquamarine which is a darker
version of light aqua, we will further darken the areas like upper parts of the head, under
the side fin and towards the tail fin. Now I am going to draw the area i left behind
in the upper part. i will be using much darker colors here. This is to make a huge value
contrast. This helps to make the fish look shiny. This technique is applicable to other
shiny objects like metallic objects and glass. So i am using peacock blue which is a dark
greenish blue towards its head and dark green towards its tail. make sure to blend these
two colors together without any rough edges. Now i am drawing the side fin using the colors
yellow ochre , canary yellow, lime peel and spring green towards the lower part. try to
blend all these four colors without any demarkations. Now coming to the eye, draw the pupil with
the black pencil and draw two semicircles around it. and fill in the remaining area
with yellow and light aqua. i will add the highlight with a white gel pen later.
Now its time to blend the colors with baby oil. Dip the brush in baby oil and wipe of
the excesss oil with a paper towel. apply carefully to dissolve the colors. This step
eliminates the grainy look by uniformly dissolving the colors.
After blending with baby oil we can add fine details like the black lines of fish mouth
using a black pencil. But after blending, the light aqua turned much darker and we lost
some of the value contrast. So i am going over the drawing again with a darker color
indigo to redefine the contrast. I am using the same color to draw the scales
over its belly. Use a pencil that is one step darker than the belly color to draw scales.
So i will use aquamarine over light aqua, indigo over true blue and light aqua over
the white areas. And notice that i am following a pattern for drawing the scales. this helps
to make it look realistic. Over the top portion i will use the black pencil for drawing scales.
and i will draw one or two such black scales over the white area too.
To make the scales look even better, i will lift some color off from the paper in between
the scales. For that i am using electric eraser, but you can use the corner of a normal eraser
too. and towards the lower part i use white gel pen to draw very small highlights. i am
lifting color from the side fin as well. this helps to make it look transluscent.
Drawing the other fins are easy. just block in the area with the color canary yellow and
use spring green to draw some touch push lift strokes towards the origin of fin. and dont
forget to blend those fins with baby oil. Finally i will draw the cast shadow using
a grey pencil from derwent artists box because they are harder pencils and helps to make
a less grainy look. its very difficult to draw a smooth shadow using prismacolor and
baby oil. And so the drawing is finished.Thank you for
watching and Dont forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos like this. and you
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