How to Draw a Forest With Fountain Pen

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
I brought you to visit the Alps… A very inspiring location. We are going to draw a forest
using a fountain pen. With short strokes we start
sketching the trunk and the branches. I know, I always tell you
to do nice and loose strokes and I upbraid you to do
short unbroken lines telling you that you are drawing
like chicken steps but this time is different.
It is very different because the one who´s drawing is me,
not you! [laughs] …no, I´m kidding.
It is different because trees are rarely made out of long
and loose curved lines, they are usually made of short lines
that change direction therefore in this case
and exceptionally in this case, it´s ok! The light source is going
to be in the top left and therefore the shadows
will be cast in this direction. Some trees are going to have
leaves at these height and some don´t. I want to give an effect
that seems some of the beams of light will make it through the branches
and onto the grass. As I said the light source
will come from this side. We´ll continue darkening
and doing more detail. I feel that the closer trees
are not very integrated and that´s because
they´re missing some shadows. That´s better. Let´s give it the last details
and it´s ready! I would love to know
what do you think about it! And if you enjoyed it
please give it a LIKE, share it to your friends
and subscribe to this channel and I´ll see you…
on Tuesday.

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