How to draw a grandmother with a lot of wrinkles /pencil sketch /step by step /drawing sloth/나무늘보드로잉

hello this is drawing sloths this time I’m gonna throw a grandma with lots of wrinkles the grandma who is in the picture looks like my grandma since I miss my grandma I decided to draw this to remember her I put a link to the original picture down below for this drawing I’m using a big pencil a 6b pencil on the eraser and the tissue to draw a smooth and big picture use a higher grade pencil first I’m going to draw the general outline in my opinion the most ideal way to start to draw an outline is to see the picture as a big blob and then choose the placement of the eyes nose mouth forehead finally draw more details on the picture just like this [Music] I will make another video about the shapes and ratios of phases so click the red subscribe button and click the bell icon on my channel to stay up to date all right we are done with the outline there are many different ways to start drawing today I’m going to use the method of starting from one spot I will start by perfectly during the first point and gradually expanding to draw the whole picture so let’s get started with the drawing I’m going to start in the darkest area using the 6b pencil drawing the darkest area first will allow you to compare brightness levels more easily [Music] before throwing the wrinkles in more detail I draw a little bit of the curves of the forehead [Music] ha ha ha [Music] Oh while I was drawing I thought about my grandmother the entire time the song you’re listening right now is a song by SIA the song is called the winning Zion wrote this song thinking of her grandmother after she passed away I listened to this song over and over again while I was drawing [Music] since the baby’s face is smooth I use the big pencil here [Music] I did whoa Tina [Music] ha ha ha [Music] the clothes on the grandmas are rough texture so I decided to use a flat side of the 6b pencil to imitate this texture [Music] Oh [Music] I’m going to finish up the background of the drawing to make the grandmother stand out I’m going to fill the background with pencil [Music] I blurred a pencil line by robbing it with a tissue for the final touches [Music] okay finished this is my first video so I hope lots of people will like this if you liked the video please share also remember to subscribe and click the bell icon to stay up to date thanks for watching my video the next video will be the full drawing I hope you have a great day bye [Applause] [Music] you


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