Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will draw a kingfisher. To begin I get the paper wet,
because I will give a light tone with watercolor to the background
so that the paper is not white. I paint blue at the top and green
for the rest. These colors are not very vivid,
they are more on the grayish, because I don’t want them to stand out, they are just the background. I lift any excess water with a tissue paper and once the paper is dry we can begin sketching. This is the top of the head
which they have it very large, and the wing comes down like this. Here is a closer shot,
he has some feathers that stick out on the back of the head,
and the line of the back should go around here, wider than what I had it. Try to make your lines smooth. Very good! and the rest of the wing. They have a very long and strong beak! … and large eyes also. I am sketching with a blue
Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil, because they can be erased
and so I can make corrections. Let’s draw his little tail
just a little longer, and then a pole where he is standing … his feet and I will indeed correct
the eye, because it is too high! But first, let’s draw the neck nicely here
and I shade some of the beak. The eye, as we said,
goes lower. Now I switch to the Prismacolor Premier
which are wax-based and so the colors are much more intense,
however they’re very hard to erase so sometimes I prefer not to use them
for the sketch [laughter] just in case something goes wrong. I will be using mainly light blue
and dark blue, but in the area of the face they also have orange, yellow and some
other colors, they are beautiful birds! They fly very fast and they are
pretty brave! they defend their territory fiercely and this one
which is the common kingfisher, fishes mostly in rivers
and sometimes through holes in frozen water. We can add some gray in some places,
and as you see I’m drawing in layers, that is, I apply a color more or less lightly and then I go over on top of it with a different color,
applying it a little bit more heavily. Generally speaking I try to keep my pencils sharp, I sharpen them continuously, because the leads of these pencils
are pretty soft, and so they get dull pretty rapidly. Let’s add some yellow and orange
for the front part, which by the way it is believed
that the orange earthly front helps to camouflage him when he is on the ground
or in his nest, while the bright blue back assist him to blend in, when he is flying
over the rivers and the shinny feathers on his back
are similar to the reflections of the water. The kingfisher is about of the size
of a sparrow bird so that’s pretty small! And he has a very unique silhouette! with the stub tail and the long beak,
in a sharp triangle. And now let’s give color to the pole
where he is standing, for this we use browns,
yellows and orange… a blue for the shade a very light gray
almost white for the lights and then some gray because
I don’t want an intense vibrant color and then, we add some brown
and even black. When working in layers as I said,
it is pretty important to lay down the first layers lightly so that you can apply the later layers on them. The list of materials, that I used
is in the information below the video. We give it the last touches…
and it´s ready! If you enjoyed it
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


  • Daniel Nikolov

    Kingfisher are my favourite bird

  • Nauval Ferry

    I like it sir

  • Sketch Extra

    i am your life time viewer remember me

  • K.S. Hamilton Art

    Beautiful work.

  • Martha Porras

    He looks so real.. I thought he was going to fly off he paper. Excelente Sir Leonardo Excelente… Another beautiful Tuesday!!!

  • Candra W1J

    The tone and the colors is just amaze me!

  • Ramon Buitron


  • Ucu ucuna

    İTS cooll

  • Tina Procaccini

    Very beautiful bird. Thank you for sharing

  • Kevin Kurz

    This belongs in an art museum

  • EJ's Home for Wayward Music

    I have been a fan of yours for a couple of years now and really love what you're doing. This Kingfisher was phenomenal!!! My favorite so far.

  • Jane Penn

    A stunning piece of art. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much 🤗xx


    It's beautiful ❤ 💕

  • mona mohamed

    Wow that's amazing and perfect👍🌹

  • Tony DiNicola

    Very well done. I only have one comment. I would have made the pole extend a bit beyond the bird instead of ending so abruptly. Great work, as usual!

  • Rachel M

    Beautiful. I love the colors on this little bird. I personally find color pencils very challenging, but they are perfect for the subject. Perhaps you would consider doing a tutorial using Prismacolors? 🙂

  • Sonu Kr


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  • Nisha Zaman

    Satisfying 😍

  • Barbara Von Eitzen

    Beautiful bird. Nice job

  • Emma Smith


  • North East Outdoors

    Great drawing. Kingfishers are my favourite bird, I film and photograph them as often as I am able.

  • عبدالرحمن إبراهيم


  • Karen Burns

    Beautiful 🙆

  • Judy Lynn

    Lovely bird and lovely artist. I love it when he draws something and then says “very good” ❤️

  • Manuel Mad Illustrator

    Birds like this are my favorite, I really LOVE all kinds of birds. 🐦 🦅 Especially, your art!
    Thumbs up! 🙂

  • Nischal Shrestha

    can you make real time video

  • Keshihan-do けしはん道

    Great work of drawing…awesome, do you like my multi stamp art??

  • usha k

    Sir you always great👍😁

  • Dz Art 3alilou

    Impressionnant, joli dessin. Je viens de m'abonner à votre chaîne. Je me suis abonné à votre chaîne, s'il vous plaît rejoins moi dans ma chaîne youtube et n’oublier pas de s’abonner

    Bon travail!

  • Institucija Bakina Unuka

    I like your techniques

    And you English accent

  • Doby Carter

    Very good

  • Janet W

    very cool…..please do more with color pensils !!!!

  • Protect Howard

    When i clicked i thought this was foto

  • No: Six

    So pretty! I love nature.

    Have you used Dewents, Inktense color pencils? If so, what are your opinions?


  • John Bewley

    Mr. Pereznieto, this is exceptional. I've been following your channel for a long time now and you never cease to amaze and inspire me. I can't draw at all myself, but seeing you create these things so effortlessly is inexplicably therapeutic. Thank you.

  • Aurelio Parado Jr

    Your such a legend man you taught me so much bro keep it up

  • Himan Artists



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