How to Draw a Modern House and City in 2-Point Perspective

Hi Tom here in this week’s Circle Line Art School video I’ll show you one way to draw a modern house in a city using
two-point perspective, start by drawing a horizon line across
the lower half of your page, on this line parallel lines will look that they meet,
if they’re going away from us, as this is in two-point perspective, draw two
crosses for the two vanishing points, the points where parallel lines look that
they meet when they’re going away and these two vanishing points need to be as
far apart as they can but they need to be on the horizon line,
now draw a vertical line on the right and then draw two lines going all the
way to the vanishing point on the right, next we can draw two more lines going to
the left vanishing point so this will become the corner of our building, now draw a line on the left a vertical
line and then another vertical line on the
right of the original vertical line that we drew first of all, you can make these
lines darker and erase the horizon line that goes through the block, as we want
to make this block look solid, now add another vertical line left of the first
vertical line and from this new line draw two lines to the right vanishing
point, this is the start of the first building, next repeat this by drawing another
vertical line on the right and then two lines going towards the left vanishing
point, and then one more vertical line, in this
way we have, as it were, cut a block out of our main block, we can do this again
and again to make a modern house using the right and the left vanishing points,
to give a thickness to the edge of the block on the left, vertical lines in this drawing will all
stay vertical, for this drawing I am making up the
shapes, designing a house as I go along, so for your drawing I think it would be
best if you did the same, using the vanishing points for all the
lines that are going away from us and then to think of it as this first
block that we have sort of cutting into the block, so it’s like a three
dimensional block that we’ve created, using two-point perspective
and each time we add vertical lines and lines going to either the left or the
right vanishing points we’re creating, we’re making, smaller blocks in two-point
perspective that can become parts of the building, but also every time you make a
block you’re sort of cutting into it, it’s also creating a bit of empty space
above or below or around it as well, so every time you draw another small
shape within this block you also create some space too… so in this drawing we’re using our
vanishing point for all of the lines, apart from the vertical lines, in that
way you can have quite a lot of freedom in your drawing and just make it up as
you go along, I hope you enjoy designing your own
modernist house, later in this drawing I will add some more buildings I think to
the background, again using two-point perspective all the time throughout the
drawing, if you’d like to learn more please visit my website: thank you for watching this drawing, Circle Line Art School, episode 353, please click to subscribe for a new drawing
every week, thanks for watching and see you next time:)


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  • Arunachal Raj

    I said u in earlier videos that u are making simple drawing but u accepted my request and thank u that u made a big building and nice drawing

  • VGames 1

    Nice, your Videos are really helping, great job!

  • Leandro Marques

    Adorei a técnica, muito bonito. Parabéns.


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