How to Draw a Ruby Ring With Color Pencils in 3D- Narrated

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will draw a ruby ring. We begin by sketching an oval
for the ring. We start very lightly and then
apply more and more pressure. Let´s draw the width of it. Good! And then a circle or nearly
a circle for the Ruby itself. On the circle there will be
six little braces to hold the stone. I´m drawing this in perspective, as you see,
but it is a very simple perspective. Now I switched to a red. All this sketch I am doing it with
the Col-Erase pencils, precisely because they can be erased,
so I can do any corrections. Now let´s draw the shapes
of the facets. It will have a sort
of square in the middle and then a lot of triangles, more shapes similar
to triangles. Those little triangles will be like
the texture inside the stone. Let´s grab an intense dark red
and choose some to fill in. Then with a light red we do
some other ones. Very good! And now with a dark blue
I do some shading, on top of some sides of the dark ones. And I do the same with a purple
also filling in with some completely with this color… just to create changes in tone. I´m trying to do them a bit scattered,
what I mean is that there are not many of the same together,
but there are spread. It is not
totally random, however. In the end, it will have more
of the darkest ones toward the edges at the bottom part, so as to give some
volume. We do a few with an intense
orange, and then with the blue draw the base for some other ones, and we go over these of course
with a red. If you would like clear, step-by-step
instructions on how to draw precious stones, as well as many other surfaces
and effects, I recommend you my book ¨You can Draw! Simple Techniques
for Realistic Drawings¨. Let´s give a very light tone to these
two or three spaces that we have left white. In the description below the video
I will give you the full list of materials that I used for this drawing and I’ll also
place the link for the book on Amazon, or in the U.S. you can also find it in bookstores. Good! Now let´s draw some reflections
to the little metal holders. And to the ring of course. You can really play with the reflections
that is not a set thing because as you move the ring, they will change a lot. I think maybe it was a little bit hard to
see in the video but after I was done coloring
the stone, then I took the white pencil and did some big facets, or cuts
of the stone… …like the central big square
and the left side of the ruby. Yes these bigger ones will be
the cuts of the stone, and the other ones are like the texture of the ruby. I want to thank you for watching this video
and I want to especially thank uncle Raggy and Erick Thomas for always being there. It´s ready! If you enjoyed please give it a LIKE!
share it to your friends and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you,
on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


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