How to draw a Winged Fairy — Oil colours dry brushing + colored pencils.

So today i am going to draw a winged fairy by dry brushing technique with oil colours and colored pencils. For the reference i have used a photograph of
a model from deviantart whose link is given in the description below. so i have made an
outline here and made some modifications such as wings. i will be using dry brushing technique
because i want this drawing as smooth as possible. if you dont know whats dry brushing, and how
to do it check out my eye drawing tutorial where i have explained it in detail. so without
further due i am starting off with the eye where i have used pencils just to give it
a shape and i will use those pencils again to make those eyes darker. but right now i
am just drawing very lightly because the black pencil may smudge and ruin the shading over
her face. now i am blocking in the face with light peach color. if you dont have that color
just mix the colors orange, red and a lot of white and you are good to go. I am doing
more layers on the one half of the face where light is not directly falling. so that i can
make it darker. i am using a red hue for the blush and some darker areas. adding red helps
to make the skin realistic. initial layers may look a little patchy, but when we add
more layers it will become smooth. I am using a combination of blue and purple for the shadows.
because fairies are magical creatures and adding bright colors help to make the drawing
a bit more magical. i am drawing the nose by using a combination of blues purples and
reds. for the darkest areas i will use pencil instead. As you can see i am going over the
drawing again with more layers of colors to make it smooth. for the lips i will use pencils
i use a few purples and reds for drawing lips and for the small highlights i will use a
white gel pen. Now that i have finished drawing the face i will go over the eyes and finish
them with thick layers of blue and black pencils. and with a white gel pen i will add a few
highlights in the eye and i will finish the eyebrows with a few more layers of black and
purple. i am drawing her neck now with initial few layers of blues purples and black where
the light is not falling. for the lighter areas i will add a few layers of peach color
as well. For the hair i will use naples yellow as the base color and i will draw the shadow
using blue. her head band is drawn by using thick layers of blue and black pencils and
adding white lines and dots with a white gel pen later. I am drawing her hair by adding
a base layer of naples yellow then a few layers of blues for shadows dry brushing can look
very uneven at initial layers as you can see here but dont just stop drawing because it
is going to be smooth as we add a few more layers. for some really dark shadows i will
add further layers of purple and black. notice that i am going over the drawing again and
again to make it smooth. I am adding a few layers of black for the shadows and for the
tip of hair. I dont want to make the hair look flat. that is why i am experimenting
with all these colors. i am using black pencils to make it easy. using an electric eraser
i am making some highlights here and there. At this stage hair looks like its a piece
of smooth cloth so i will add single hairs with a white gel pen. I am finishing the visible
parts of her ear with colored pencils and blended it with blender pencil. now i am going
over the other side where the hair will be lighter because of the light falling onto
them. as usual i will use naples yellow blues purples and some brown colors too. but before
that i will complete her neck and chest with blues purples and black. I even used colored
pencils to speed up the process. one thing i have noticed here was faber castell polychromos
are the best suited pencils to draw with dry brushing technique. they compliment dry brushing
technique very well. so back to the hair i am adding a lot of layers of color as you
can see and with an electric eraser i will make some highlights. after finishing all
the shadings, i will use a white gel pen to draw those single hairs all over there. notice
that i am drawing the single hair strands according to the direction of hair going.
now i am drawing her arm just like i did with her face. using peach red and blues. make
sure that you add a lot of colors and blend those colors well together. For her dress
i am using pencils because they are very dark. Finally coming to her wings, i am planning
to draw the wings as if they are very thin so i will make the edges very smooth by only
using dry brushing. but i will use pencils for the veins. using blue and green pencils
i am drawing the veins and when going towards her body i will darken them up. I am blocking
the wings using dark green and blue and using a fairly large brush. I will use black to
make it darker towards her body. and using the electric eraser i will pull out some interesting
highlights. with a white gel pen i put a lot of small white dots to decorate those veins.
and finally i will complete the hair by adding a few more single hair strands against her
wings. thank you so much for watching! and feel free to subscribe to watch more videos
like this. and you can follow me on all the social media linked in the description below.


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  • Jeff Lafferty

    Very cool piece

  • Stefano Gazzola

    Bravo, ma hai la mano troppo delicata …piu' deciso sui colori, senza paura

  • harwell teves

    may i know what did you use on the white lines on hair and highlights?

  • harwell teves

    anyway superb….!!!

  • Sathish Kumar

    @ArtFadil illustration is good ,but personally i feel you could have choose even a better reference for this much intensive colors either a iguana or macaw parrot …but for animal portraits you need very fine detais may not be suitable for dry brushing technique but you can use it as base painting…any way thumbs up for your drawing!!!

  • Nerdy Kimberly

    Thats AMAZING

  • Hideaki Art

    Wow…so beautiful…love the coloring 😀

  • Park Shin hee

    wooooow I like it !!!♥♥♥

  • Richa Patranabis

    When I saw this in my feed I said "Waaaaoooooowww!!!!" in such a high pitched voice I have never done that before 😶😶

  • AshleyKweens

    It's beautifull! how long did it take? and for how long are you drawing? I hope I will be this good one day haha ^-^

  • Art Pro

    Really beautiful!! Congratulations 🙂

  • The Mayonesa

    muy bueno, me gusta, 😀

  • Shrestha Bageshwar


  • kama Artist


  • Afaque Jamal

    why do we use distilled turpentine

  • Beverley Gardam

    hi , what paper have you used in this tutorial? beautiful work

  • Λυδία Π

    Why anybody disklike this art?
    Its so pretty♥

  • Laurna Suter

    Absolutely beautiful. I love fairies and the coloring is so good. She just looks graceful. You look like you have been doing this for a very long time. I wish I could do this. I envy people who can draw and color like you do. Great job.

  • mydrawingart1

    so cool. thank you for the tutorial

  • joody1981

    can you do this method for painting landscape next time ??? pls

  • Saint Sinner 420

    She is beautiful.

  • David Williams

    So beautiful! I love the skin tones. I would love to see you draw a redhead. Excellent video tutorial yet again.

  • Leebsterftw

    this looks like a fun technique! I'll have to try. She is a beautiful fairy, thanks for sharing her with us.

  • Asahel tags

    Can you do aquamarine

  • Deep Shikha yadav

    Best painting
    Excellent artist

  • kristinarayart

    Very pretty! 🙂

  • Janniel Rap

    I love it, just a question, what's that on her shoulder? The blue line, I think it's too solid, all the drawing has a perfect blending, but that line is kinda wear to me.

  • Daniel Beck

    what type of paper is plis

  • meysan _

    so magical


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