How to Draw Captain America | The Avengers

hey there today I’m going to show you
how to draw Chibi captain america. So we start by drawing
the upper part of the eye mask hole so let’s go up to the top on the left side
starting from the top outside curve towards the inner part of
the face still that same curve on the right side
you’re just going back and forth left or right just to make sure we’re balancing
out the composition under here we’re going to draw in the people so we’re
going to just tuck it up underneath this line here so starting on the top curve
and try to make a round circle tucked in underneath that curve on the top left
here going to draw a circle for the highlight just imagining that the light
is coming in this direction go ahead and color that eye in black it’s going to do the same thing on the
right side starting on the inner part of the eye when draw a circle tucked in
underneath and then we draw that highlight circle on the top left here
and go ahead and color everything else in black let’s go ahead and draw on the rest of
the eyeholes of the mask so starting back on the left side of the top here
and current around the eye towards the bottom and then from here and take this
point just curve right into that inner part of that I go ahead and do the same
thing on the right start from the outside curve down towards the bottom
and we’re going to curl up towards the inside like so here let’s draw in the
outer bottom part of the head so on other side of the head we can draw . for
the temples so the top of the side here and top of the right I curve down
towards the chin which will be located right about here to do a nice even curve
going all the way around coming down to the bottom and we’ll go
back up to the right side and draw a nice curve coming down towards the
bottom just try to blend that in evenly from
here I’m going to draw in the mouth so going to give a little gritting teeth so starting in the middle here we’re
just going to draw upward curve and we just shifting its over to the left just
a little bit from this . curve down to the bottom of the mouth and we’re going
to reverse curve going up and then out and i’m going to extend this bottom line
little bit further than the top line here up here this is stepping in to the left and draw
a straight line coming down so you can see an overlap on the top and bottom has
drawn the teeth so on the side here right in between these two lines
straight across and across it like a tea and then in this bottle Corey Graham is
going to call that in black it’s going to draw on the bottom lip so
under here on to draw a little line going across it’s going between the eyes and come
down slightly and going to . you this is going to be top of the bottom of the
mouth hole so here curve down around about the
bottom curve down around the mouth to the bottom on the right now from here
we’re going to have to draw the top of the head and one of the drawers is
really big tall head to take this space in the face and just double it up so we
want to draw basically twice as tall of the head so starting at cycle and curl
up to the top starting up here coming up and I’m gonna round out the
top of the head and come back down on the right side just like so from here
let’s draw on some years so take that point where i started with
the temple and draw current going out and talking this back in so you see i’m
going a little bit straighter and they come back to the head in here i’m just
going to call it occur for a little under your detail we’re going to decide on the right and
all the same things and curving around and straightening out towards the bottom
of the earlobe up here we’re going to draw a curve for the inner ear detail let’s draw the wings on the side just
coming up a little bit on the side of the head and curve up and out from here
on a curve in going to kind of like faded out as they come in we’re doing over there so coming up
about halfway between this line and curving down doing one more time we’re
going to be talking about halfway along this line and talking that in to the
side of the head let’s do the same thing on the right
side of the flipped over so I want to make sure that the same height starting up here give it up a little bit
longer and then coming back and just thinking about doing a light coming in
about half way down this line coming in and then halfway down this line and
caribbean just tuck that in behind the head now let’s draw the big giant a symbol so
we start at the top here starting with the straight line going across from left
to right here and take this point and go straight in towards the eye on the left take this point in going straight
towards the eye on the right and i want to make sure that both lines i started
the same height from here you go straight across and do the same thing on
the right side making sure that they’re pretty much the same length I’m going to take this point and just
follow this line going up like this too short lines dangling up in connect those two points
is a straight line going across now here i would imagine it’s like going
up and just hit a talk here so I don’t do is start in here with a . this line I’ll just start there those two points
is a straight line and go up in an angle on both sides and then draw a straight
line across just to close that off okay so we got the head let’s get into
the body with the body i haven’t holding a shield on the right side and in his
hand in a fist on the left so let’s start with the shield first so I’m
roughly imagining that the circle is going to be about that big so i have to
start with the center and i’m going to start with a star so starting with . going to go down to
angle lines coming down from here I’m going straight across and then I’m going
to come down in an angle now i’m making sure that this line so
the lines up here going to come down so many that’s my continues for that .
coming down and then this point is going to sort of going towards that form there
is stopping about halfway and then going across like that so that’s sort of an
easy way to making a star from here i want to draw a circle around here so i
will be a little bit of space around and I’m just going to draw a circle around
the star you want to just take your time that you sure you try to get that nice
and even all the way around we are going to join you in bigger
circle around this is starting the top I’m just basically tracing around this
circle all the way around now it’s okay if it gets a little bit
while because it’s very difficult to draw circles perfectly so again i’m
going to keep continuing on to draw rings around this star on top again and
and then one final one it’s good that i started that’s a start
right down here also going around a space at the top finally up here all right that was
pretty tough I hope you got through that one let’s
get into the body now so the body i’m just going to draw lines coming down
towards the hits here you’re not going to see the right side as much left side
is starting to make this children living space is drawing curve down towards the
waste from here I’m going to curve this behind the shield and then we’re going
to step up a little bit and draw the curve this is for the belt we draw the belly pierced so I’m just
going to have to blinds side by side and then we’re going to move up here and
draw a curve for the strips along the belly on this side I’m going to draw a
curve we’re step over here and draw the curve
going to draw a portion of the star in the center of the chest so again going
to start the very top of the center of the head with a point and draw two lines
flowing out just like we did with this start here going out this was going to tuck
underneath that shield so we’re basically come down imagine
this line coming down and we’ll just tuck this in behind the shield like that
on this side here i’m going to start up here is a curve in line behind that
shield it’s going to this fist i’m going to
happen in a fixed position so if I don’t keep the head first let’s start with the
thought so in our thumb here curl around like this from here going to draw in the
first finger so started behind them and tuck in one finger knuckle and we’re
coming here and just overlay or undertook another finger and it will do
one more here is talking about a figure here and on the side of this finger is
going to turn around and come right into that . the bottom of the hand right
there from here it’s going to draw a cuff so from here on underneath on a
curve like this from here and Kerr underneath the chin and then down here
we’re going to call this in I can underneath the body up here we’re
going to all those separation curve like that okay so we got the upper part of the
body let’s do the final part which is the bottom starting with the lower torso down here
in between the legs I’m going to draw a straight line across
from here I’m going to occur to left curve to the right we’re just going to
too short lines and then we’re going to draw the bottom part of the leg here this is an easy case it from here it’s
going to curve line and draw the same length curve on the right side from this point i want to curve towards
the hip so here I’m just gonna have to imagine it coming up like that let’s draw the big boot cuffs so from
this corner and Kerr out and clear these ends out and connect those two points
with a curve and then we do that on the right side so starting off the ends and
curving out the boot cuff let’s get into the boot so on the left
good here i’m just gonna step in a bit and draw a straight line coming down
we’re going to curve the bottom of the boot so start at the front of the toe curve
over to the right here we’re just going to curl up and tuck us in underneath
that boot cuff and we’re just going to trim out the bottom just to show a
little bit of the soul will do the same thing on the right side here stepping in
doing a straight line down to occur at the bottom of the boot make sure that the roughly the same size
and we’re just going to tuck it underneath the boot cuff and just trim
out there we’re just going to draw the underpant
here so we’re still draw a curve towards his hip on the left and then on the
right and that is pretty much it there we have it there’s Chibi captain
america i hope you enjoyed this lesson please give us a like and make sure you
check out our Chibi playlist I have a ton of characters in there i’ll be adding more
every week thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon


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