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(upbeat music) – Hi everyone, welcome to
the Disney Princess Club. I’m Sage, and I’m here with my friend Amy. – Hi Sage. Yeah, my name’s Amy Mebberson
and I am a Disney artist who designed these little
cuties we have with us today. These are the Disney Princess
Comic blind box minis and these are by Hasbro. Now we’re gonna do something
special with these today right? – Yes, Amy is going to
teach us how to draw the Disney Princess Comic mini
blind boxes step by step. But we can’t just choose any princess. We need to let the boxes
decide our princess. – Okay, well we will let
you decide what the boxes will decide. – Okay. – Let’s go with one. – I’ll pick this one right
off the top ’cause it’s you know on the top so. Ooh, Cinderella, one of my favorites. – Dear little Cinderella. – Her little headband is so cute. (laughing) – Yes it is. – Alright, let’s get started. Amy is gonna teach us
how to draw Cinderella. I’m ready to draw. Do you have anything else?
– I’m ready to draw. Yeah okay. – This one, okay. – Right, so the first thing
we’re gonna do is when you’re drawing a face you always usually start, start with a circle. So we’re just gonna do, and yeah. So we’re using, we’re using a light color, a slightly lighter
colored brownish pencil. It’s brown, it’s meant to
be that color, you’re fine. – Just put a line down. – You put a line down the
middle and that’s gonna help us place her nose and her mouth. – Okay. – Okay, now these are slightly
more cartoony princesses than the ones we’re used to. So we’re not gonna get too
much into a fancy head shape but you still need to put
that line where the eyes are going to go. So we’re just gonna put
a very rough little line. – Down the middle? – Roughly in the middle,
just below the middle of the circle. Yep, right about there. Now I generally tend to
put the nose in first. Now Cindy’s only got a
very soft little nose so we’re not gonna put a lot of detail in. So it’s just basically that. So just below that center line. These little toys have quite
big eyes so we’re gonna start with just a very rough,
they’re kind of like an egg-y kind of shape. An egg shape. Now there we go. And the bottom of the eye
is gonna sit on that line we just drew. Now Cinderella has very
unique shaped eyes. So it goes around and then
it kind of swishes down like that on the outside.
– Oh. – See that, it’s kind of like
you’re drawing the back of, drawing the back of a whale or a fish. (laughing) So yeah, and so that is
where the edge of her eyelash is gonna go so we can
add an eyelash on like that. Can you see how it’s coming together? – Yeah. – Yeah. Excellent, beautiful. Now, and we’re gonna go the other, just do the same with the other eye. So then you’re gonna go swoosh, you see. It’s really really easy. – Oh yeah. – Just nice simple shapes. She’s very soft, it’s a very
soft shape because let’s face it Cinderella’s a
very soft person isn’t she? Yeah, she’s very kind. And so now we’re gonna put,
now we’re gonna put the rest of her eyes and her big, her,
now again these are big eyes. – Yeah. – So we’re gonna pop, pop her up. So you can see where her pupils
are going to start going in there like that. There you go, you can yeah, that’s right. You can have here, Sage
is drawing her looking another direction but you
can absolutely do that. – Yeah, she’s just gonna be like kind of. – So mine’s looking this
way and Sage’s is looking that way. And then you get two,
you can get two different expressions you see. Alright, so now we’re just
gonna roughly indicate where her mouth’s gonna go. So it’s just, it’s just a
little smile shape for now. And then put her lips around it. So, beautiful. So Cinderella, Cinderella has very, has very full lips so. – So we’re just doing like little. – Just a little cupid’s bow, yeah. And yep, so you just put
the little line on each side and it meets just under
her nose like that. (gentle music) – Oh miss, they’re like. – Yes, excellent. So then you’ve just got her
bottom lip there like that. – Oh yours, yours is amazing. (laughing) – When you draw these characters
a lot everyday you just kind of get used to it. Alright, so I’m just gonna
pop, pop some eyebrows in here as well like that. – Yes, little soft.
– Little eyebrows. The face looks a little
weird if it doesn’t have eyebrows doesn’t it? We’re just gonna add a
little bit of extra shape to the face here. So I’m just going to pop a
little bit of her cheek there. And there’s a little, a
little bit of extra chin, a little bit of a chin on the bottom here. Her head’s not a perfect circle. She does have a little bit of a chin. So there again very soft, very soft. Cindy does not have any
sharp corners on her at all. Now, another distinctive
feature of Cinderella is those big bangs. She’s got big, big puffy bangs. So you just go poof, poof, poof. There you go. Yeah so it’s just big, three big puffs. There you go. Excellent, that’s, that’s pretty much it. So we’re just gonna pop
those together at the bottom. – That could work. – So her bangs go like that, yeah. And she’s gotta have an ear. So we’re just gonna pop a little
ear on the side like that. – Okay. – Not a very, not very big. And then the side of her
hair is gonna put that line there to connect, to
connect her bangs to the top of her ear.
– Okay. – So and there’ll be a little
one on the other side too. You won’t see that side, you
won’t see the ear on that side. – Mhm, okay. – Okay, now we’re just
gonna pop pop a little neck underneath her like that, very simple. Your hair always stands
out a bit from the back of your head so you can give
her a little bit more space. So if that’s the edge of
your head the hair’s gonna be out here a little further. – Oh, okay. – And because this
Cinderella has her hair out it’s just gonna swoop around
very softly like that. Yep, excellent. That is looking fantastic. And then we’re just gonna add
the hair on the other side as well. She’s got her big bow,
you even talked about her little headband. So of course.
– We need to add it. – The bangs are gonna
cover the top of the bow. But basically boom, just a triangle, just a fat fat triangle popping
out of the top of her head. You’re not really going to
see much of the headband from here and then you
pop one on the other side. Yeah, look, you’ve got ahead of me, there you know how to do this. And I’m just gonna, I’m
just gonna add some little pearls here ’cause she’s
wearing her necklace. – She is. – She’s wearing her little
green bead necklace. So again it’s just, it’s
just, just some circles. Now we’re gonna just go in
and finish of the eyes here because Cinderella’s got
lovely, lovely rich blue eyes. So, she’s got blue eyes
and we’re gonna draw in another circle here and that’s her pupil. We are just using a brown pencil here. You don’t need anything fancy to draw. (gentle music) So you can just use a pencil, you could use a ball point pen, you could use a marker or
a crayon and there we go. – Okay. – That’s there you. And see suddenly you put the eyes in it and the eyes come to life. So.
– One down here. – There you go. – Okay that looks nice. – Yes.
– Oh my goodness. It looks exactly like the toy. (laughing) – Okay so the next stage of
this is we are going to go in and make some of these
lines a little bit darker. And this how animators
would do it back in the day. You use a brown or a
lighter colored pencil to construct your drawing
and then you go in with one of these to put in
kind of the final line. So usually the first
thing you do is the eyes. That’s what I like to start with. So as you see go, it’s
like putting on eyeliner. It’s like putting on, it’s
like you just go in there because the eyes are the
first thing you look at when you see it. As they say the window,
window of the soul. And so making the eyes the
main features is usually what you do ’cause it’s the
first thing that occurs. Yes, so we’re gonna go
in and darken those, darken those lines up. And then we’ll do the same
with the pupils as well. (gentle music) And you can see, as you can
see it already it’s kind of starting to pop.
– Yes. – Yeah.
(gentle music) So I’m going in here
with the rest of her yes. – Oh wow.
– Mhm. – A lot more. – I’m going to, I’m going
to color her eyes in just slightly. This is, this is the same pencil
I’m just pressing lightly. So as you can see we can start to get, you can start to see the
dimension of her eyes which is very pretty.
(gentle music) Okay, excellent. And then we go in with the mouth. (gentle music) – Amy what is your favorite
part about drawing Cinderella? – My favorite part about
Cinderella is I think I do love her eyes. I do love her eyes. Like I said it’s just that very, a very special unique shape that she has and they really show her inner sweetness. And she is such a kind,
compassionate person. You know she always sees the good side. She never stops dreaming. She is very, very very sweet sweet girl and I think her eyes reflect that. – What is your favorite
part about drawing? What do you love about it? – I guess it’s just you
can make your own world. You know? As you can see we’re starting
to see the final drawing here yeah. So you’ve drawn her
bangs in which is great. So now we can, we can just
work on the outline of her hair there. So yeah what you did there, so you just. As you can see we’re not
doing a very clean line here and if your lines are still
very rough that’s okay. That’s absolutely fine,
this is all part of it. You know if you make a
mistake in there that’s fine. Because nobody ever does
it perfect the first time. – I had a lot of fun today
and hope you guys had a lot of fun today as well. – I had a lot of fun too and Sage you did a fantastic job. – You did as well. – So thanks everybody for following along and we hope you had fun too. – Be sure to check out our
other how to draw videos and we’ll see you next time. – [Both] Bye.
(gentle music)

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