How to Draw Eye Brows – Portrait Drawing Tutorial

Hello, thank you for watching. Today I’m
going to give you a few tips about drawing eyebrows.
Maybe not something everyone deems as really important, but certainly just as necessary
to learn about, the eyebrows can be a tricky thing to draw.
You want to be able to make your eye brows as natural looking as possible. We don’t
want our person to look like they literally draw on their eyebrows.
First, make sure you’ve already drawn in your eyes. This will help you draw your eyebrows
in the correct position. Second, I don’t like using outlines for
the eyebrows. It’s easy enough to draw them as you go along, and clear up any mistakes
you make along the way. Do this means they won’t look too mechanical.
I tend to draw the individual hairs of the eyebrows in the direction they’re going
in my reference photo. If you start your line normally and flick it off the paper, your
hairs will look natural and tapered. You’ll want to keep adding layers until
your eyebrows are the correct value. You don’t want them blending in to your skin tones.
Finally, to add some depth I go in with a darker pencil, usually a 6B, and add a few
more individual hairs. That’s it for drawing eyebrows. Feel free
to ask questions or comment down below! If you found this tip helpful, please subscribe
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