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Hi! So because i have to catch the next Class. Lets Start the Video! So someone asked on Instagram If i can show him and teach him what techniques i am using for my portrait drawings so i took the opportunity to create this video and show you guys what techniques i am using so i’m using Grid technique You have already see on my videos right before i start drawing. My drawings are inside some squares. so this squares are all about today’s video. This technique helps you to draw your portraits more realistic and from now on its all on you, the supplies you’re using your talent and your experience. and then you can create your portraits as realistic as you can. for this videos purposes i did not prepared any drawings so i am about to draw the whole thing right now with you guys step by step and telling you what to do and what programs to use for this technique so don’t forget to like and subscribe down bellow! The supplies we are using for this video are: a sketchbook, one ruler one pencil and your phone, laptop or a tablet. So the first thing you have to do is to download the GRID application the open the application and select any photo you like to draw then press to settings and choose how many rows and columns you want your photo to have then save your photo or take a print-screen and choose if you want to send your photo in your pc or keep doing the process within your phone or tablet sooooo lets start the process for my case i created this photo 14 by 11 squares we have even squares so right now we can choose how many centimetres every square side can be drawn according how big we want our sketch to be first step: Lets see how big our paper is my paper is about 20 cm by 29 cm because of that we cant create the squares 2 cm each so we are about to create them about 1.5 cm but remember you have to create both horizontally and vertically your squares 1.5 cm for me i am about to create my squares about 1.5 cm because 1 cm is too small for 1 cm each our head was about to be about this size. Again too small. Let me do some calculations really fast and we are repeating the same process for the other sides as well good. Now lets create our squares btw remember to draw this 4 lines straight if not our portrait will be accurate but a little bit wrong for my case i don’t mind that much i am just trying to show you the technique lets continue same thing for all the sides after finishing this process lets join the dots first dot here with the first dot there and then the second and then the thirds until finishing with the vertical ones and then moving to horizontals oh i almost forget for this process you better use a light pencil like HB or lower we want our pencil work to be as light as we can especially with white paper because afterwards its a bit harder to erase it if you use softer pencil. So it has to look like something like that normally for the next step you have to numerate our squares like 1-11 and 1-14 but usually i am not doing that i am just using my picture and start noticing where the main characteristics are like his eyes ,nose ,ears etc usually i am starting with right eye to wit we have our eye here don’t zoom because you have to count the squares and count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and we the eye located between square 7 and 8 and line wise 1,2,3,4,5,6 so we are starting from square 7 vertically and 6 horizontally now on paper 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 these 2 squares and line wise again 1,2,3,4,5,6 and in these squares we have our first eye just leave a light mark zoom your photo with in a bigger screens is a little bit easier tbh but you can do it with your phone as well well, as you can see the eye located at squares bottom at the bottom side and not beyond the middle almost at the middle so we are starting with the pupil lets draw the outlines and then lets continue with the other lines the squares are helping us to get our proportions right like eye distances sizes because they are common mistakes and this process helps alot to get those right and i thing is a worth it any way. We are starting with this eye just take your time examine the eye have a closer look of the main characteristics and draw exactly what you can see lets start drawing again, use a light pencil like HB or lower so you can erase it afterwards much easier lets continue and we have our first eye again, remember to draw very slightly and don’t forget to draw only the main lines my lines are a bit messy but overall this is the porcess usually wherever i have like hairs, moustache, beard etc i like to leave em just like that and and refined them afterwards with my coloured pencils oh and just don’t mind if there are any pieces you cant see in photo like this area you can always use your imagination and fill the area and now the final step take your eraser and erase all the remaining squares and don’t forget to erase gently your outline work too gently and finally we are ready for the final phase the colouring you can always erase the remaining lines one by one as you colouring you erase and then draw and again, you erase and then draw dont just erase the whole thing so you can follow the line slowly but surely i know that this method is time consuming method but is a worth it as well and dont forget if you use this technique for your drawings send me your drawings on instagram as i told you i have a class to catch so i will see you on the next one


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