How to Draw Foam Bubbles With Color Pencils

Hello my friends and welcome!
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we are going to draw some foam bubbles. We begin by sketching a half circle shape
with white pastel, on blue carbor paper. And I will draw a couple of others small
bubbles, why not? Then with a green pencil,
let´s do some reflections of trees on the upper part. We make some leaves
on one side and on the other one of each one of the bubbles,
with more reflections and some shading with different tones of blue. And we can add some green,
orange and red, so that they looks like a rainbow
on these parts. Good! With a light blue or with
darker tones, we delineate the border of each one of the bubbles. By the way, the list of materials
is in the description below the video. We also draw the waves
and ripples that are formed on the water. From this perspective they
appear like concentric ovals. Also the smaller ones should
have their own ripples. We reinforce some sections
of the outline and then with an oil pastel, we do some
bright highlights. And with a light blue pencil
we continue making reflections. We continue adding richness with white, and specially
with different hues of blue. I would love it if you
could let me know in the comments section,
which one out of all my tutorials that you
have seen, is your favorite. And which one is the subject
that you would liked the most to see in a future tutorial. And since now we are surveying, I have
one more question for you… If I made a course that you
could take online, what would be the subject
of technique, that you would like to learn from me, the most. I´m very interested in your answer. We continue drawing the shades and
reflections of the ripples. They should vanish,
what mean, they shouldn´t have hard lines. I will modify these ones
because I think they should have a change of direction
as they will be affected by the small bubbles. And with the kneaded eraser,
I lighten up and lose some of these lines. We add some splash ovals,
the last details… And it will be ready! If you enjoyed it, please
give it a LIKE, share it to your friends and subscribe to Fine Art-Tips. Don´t forget to answer the questions,
and I will see you, on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


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  • Julian Paffrath

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    Keep your good work! Love it 🙂

  • Machado Maquetes


  • Nancy Escobedo

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    Thank you for making these videos.

  • gordon thomson

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  • ConorHardly

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  • Mythrintia

    I don't have one favourite, since they are so good, but i like the ones with water drops and water because of the beautiful reflections they cast. I also love the animals and nature drawings, especially the dolphins :). Excalibur was however a very good drawing that I like. I would like to see more colour pencil tutorials and awesome clay modelling :D. Keep up the great work!

  • fablousshine is cool

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  • Runaway Lady

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  • Tedabite

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  • Mehmet Emre KILINÇ

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    How to create different textures like metal, stone, fur, transparent materials etc. is another article i really want to learn. BTW i really like your tutorial videos, keep them coming 🙂

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  • Fazıl Gümüş

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  • Sabine Kleinmann

    Very good instructions and a very nice image. I like your video's and your good English, which i can understand very good. I am German. Every time a pleasure to stop at your video's. They all were perfect.  Thank you!
    Greetings and good luck.

  • Macherryful

    I love all your tutorial especially how to draw galaxy with water color..that's so beautiful but I don't have water color and in my country water color it's expensive…
    I hope you can add more tutorial of pencil colors… or how about how to draw galaxy with pencil color or sunset or sky with many cloud… I weak draw sky and that all I have is pencil colors… 
    Oh.. and thank you cause your tutorial really help amateur like me.. especially with pencil and pencil color.. ^/////^

  • Christopher Tacitus

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    Thanks to you my scribbles are similar to the drawings. )
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    P. S. Right behind you at the beginning of the video are bookshelves. Can you suggest some interesting books for beginners.

  • Jonki Silfwerax

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  • take 2 gaming

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    Happy days.

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