How to Draw Gemstones with Prismacolor Pencils

Hi Guys! Today I’m going to show you how I
draw gemstones that’s really popular right now in the Zentangling community. I’m going
to start off right now with a Spirograph design just for recording purposes that is already
drawn out. So that I just could just pretty much show how I shade the little gemstones.
This next picture is the materials that I used. Prismacolor pencils are my favorites.
And I tend to like to blend with Vaseline. Just cheap ole’ Vaseline. And the next cut
I’m going to show I’m going to fast forward because it takes awhile how I blend starting
from light and just kind of blending in small circles starting from the lightest color and
slowly adding more and more layers as I go. And as I get more towards the darker edge
I press a little bit harder and its not showing it here but every once in awhile I’m dipping
the colored pencil in the Vaseline just lightly. Just to kind of blend it in. This is just
what I like to do. I’ve tried blenders and a couple other different things. But this
the technique that I don’t know.. I think it’s quicker and I like it. So, as I go along
here I start to add some of the cracks. I know its going really fast but I just want
to show kind of how I do it. And I even added like a dark layer around the edges to give
the gem some depth. Ok, as you can see that I’m done here shading for the most part. I’m
going to try something new and add the little highlights that usually people use gel pens,
I’ve done that and I struggle with it. I cant stand it so I am going to try to use acrylic
paint. Just regular ‘ole cheap craft paint. And a really, really thin brush. So here we
go let’s see how this goes. I have really not much experience in painting but I think
I should be able to draw a tiny little white line. I just cannot stand dealing with a Gelly
roll or a pen those white pens? They are, um, they don’t come out for me very well I’m
always fighting with it and I thought let me try this. Yeah, this is much easier. I’m
going to go with route from now on. I don’t add a whole lot of hightlights they… I get
nervous, I’m always afraid I’m going to ruin it. I’m going to leave it, I guess as is.
Hm, No oh! I just dropped my pens. A drop there. I don’t know if I should.. no I’m going
to leave it as is.


  • Carole Farber

    thank you so much for this video..

  • Jeanne Burbage

    Thank you for creating and sharing this video. Thanks also for the information about the acrylic paint….I'm definitely going to try that.

  • brencarna10

    thanks 🙂

  • Sheree G

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  • Sheila Dunn

    I thought maybe I was the only one who could not get white gel pens to work. They are so frustrating. I always have some white acrylic paint around, so I'll give this a try! ty! I am trying to color gems in my Dangles and Gems coloring book and this tutorial will help!

  • sewcrazy423

    The absolute hardest thing is to "leave it", isn't it? Well done!

  • Gaspard Draws

    Hi, great video, I Like your channel !!
    If you have the time, visit my channel, I make drawing's videos 😉
    Have a nice day !

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  • Laureen Hawes

    Hi! Loved your gem. Spirograph huh. I haven't used that since I was a kid and I won't tell you how old I am. Do they still make them and where can I get one? If I remember correctly I wasn't very good at it when I was a child. Could have been a patience thing. Thank you!

  • Art by Zapy

    WOow why i never see you before your artworks are so cool! new sub for you! =)

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  • Sophia Bernice

    You have an amazing art skill…. love it!!! I Subscribed and Liked…. Hope you do the same 🙂

  • AmyJoyStudios

    This is so cool. I can't believe how realistic the gemstones look! I didn't know you could use Vaseline with the pencils either – great tip! xAmy

  • Ithehill's Mind

    You inspire me thanks

  • Ithehill's Mind

    FYI it your sons friend

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  • MerriKitty Doodles

    Wow amazing – great details 🙂

  • lalune

    Gorgeous!¡ thank you!¡

  • Joanna D'Andrea

    Beautfully excited!  Will te vaseline dry / evaporate?  Smudge?


    Really nice


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