How to draw gold / metallic object with colored pencils — A golden beetle.

Hi guys, today i am going draw a golden beetle
with colored pencils. The main aim of this tutorial is to make you familiar with drawing
golden objects or metallic objects in general. For this tutorial i am using some prismacolor
pencils and faber castell polychromos pencils. Most of the time i use pencils from several
brands for a single drawing. This is because most of the times i cannot find the exact
shades i am looking for in a single set. There is nothing wrong in using pencils from multiple
brands in a single drawing. The paper I am using here is canson fine grain drawing paper.
First of all lets see what all colors have been used for this drawing. The colors used
are sand, golden rod, light umber,and indigo blue from prismacolor, raw umber and black
from polychromos. One think you have to do here is to avoid all metallic colored pencils.
We dont need metallic pencils to draw metals. and another misconception is that it is difficult
to draw metals like gold or copper. But actually it is not. Because most of the shiny metals
have sudden change of colors over their surface. There are no smooth gradation of colors usually.
This is helpful because we dont need to be an expert in blending two colors as most colors
end abruptly and change into another. I have already made a rough outline here,
if you are planning to draw the same beetle you can copy this outline. But i recommend
you to find another golden object and try for yourself.
You can use the color picker tool from photoshop to know the exact shades for the drawing.
I did the same for choosing the colors for this drawing. i will show you one examle here.
Inthis picture i used photoshop to pick colors from various places and made a palate out
of it. Then you can compare these colors with the box of colored pencils to chose the similar
shade.This is an easy way to identify the exact colors.
I am starting off with the lightest color first, the sand. I am using a sharp point
to reduce the grainy look here. since the surface is very shiny, a grainy finish is
not going to help here. I am erasing the pencil lines as i proceed. Now i am using golden
rod to make some areas a bit more yellowish, I am making all this changes by looking at
the reference photo. I am also using golden rod as a base layer for some areas as you
can see. Now i am using the raw umber from polychromos
for drawing some darker areas. I am going over the golden rod base i made before, with
raw umber. Raw umber was the most identical color i could find for this area. but still
the reference picture was slightly more yellowish. That is why i used golden rod for the base
layer. Now with the color light umber i am drawing
the remaining darker areas. Notice that i apply the color in several thin layers until
i get the desired value. Now i am using indigo blue for darkening it further. I could have
used dark umber for this but using indigo blue gives it a bit more depth and realism.
In some really dark areas i am adding a few layers of black as well.
Now i have completed the body of the beetle, and it is time to blend the colored pencil.
I am using baby oil for blending as i find it ideal for me. you can use mineral spirits
or odorless spirits for blending too. The end result is almost the same.
After blending with the solvent, you can make modifications again with colored pencils.
Now i am drawing its legs using the same colors i have used for the body. and i am blending
it with baby oil again. Now for the shadow the best is to use an air brush. but since
i dont have an airbrush with me i am using the pencil shavings from the sharpener tub.
I made it into a powder and rubbed it to the shadow areas. Make sure to use a piece of
paper to protect the drawing. and make some modifications with pencils if necessary.
Thus the drawing is complete. Thank you so much for watching and dont forget to subscribe
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  • Geurt Martens

    hoe werkt dat met baby olie ?


    THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LIGHT SOURCE IS CRUCIAL. Guys, that will determine 80% of the good result. Once you determine where the light source is coming, that's the area where the maximum hit of light will be so that area will be almost white, from there down is that you are working your other color, REMEMBER WHEN YOU ARE PAINTING METALS, GLASS OR HIGHLY REFLECTIVE OBJECTS, YOU ARE PAINTING REFLECTIONS AND LIGHT STROKES, NOT REALLY PIGMENT.

  • Ninten Akira

    Fadil I love your tutorials! They are easy to understand and follow and you have a relaxing voice. I also like that you clearly list everything needed.

  • wellend

    very beautiful

  • amelia garner

    How anyone can say this looks flat I don't know, it's great, I wish I could get a gold effect like this, thanks for sharing, love it.

  • Alejandra Huerta

    Beautiful work!?
    Thank you for your information.

  • cattuccino fung

    What a beautiful buggie !

  • Greg Edmonds

    I can't possibly imagine why 100 people could give this excellent instructional video a thumbs down. This is genuinely excellent from start to finish.

  • Pablo Pazos

    really nice!

  • Alchemy Makeup Artistry

    Wow, this is amazing

  • Noah skjold Hauge-Nilsson

    I actually used this method on a ladybug drawing i made, worked like a charm

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  • Zahrah Ahmed

    Can you use baby oil on normal Faber castle color pencils? And can any oil do as a substitute? Like coconut

  • Tron 6300

    Im working on an iron man art so thank you so much his faceplate should look fantastic now

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    Very good instructional video!

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    This is madhouse incredible! <3


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