How to Draw Hair With Color Pencils – Narrated

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will draw hair with color pencils. But before we begin I want
to thank all the wonderful people who came to all of my lectures
in Mexico City, about “The Power of Art” and “How to Be a Successful Artist.” We had a lot of fun, as you see. I really enjoyed seeing you there,
having been able to talk with you, and even seeing some of your
drawings. Thank you! Ok now, back to the tutorial. This will be dark-brown hair but I begin with a no-so-dark color, with a siena brown which is
a reddish brown, to first do the base. For this I do not push the pencil
at all, because I will apply several layers, and for this to work,
the first layers you need to apply them very lightly! Otherwise when you apply
other colors on top of them, they don´t hold very well. They are hard to apply. Now I switched to a sepia,
which is a dark brown and as you see I have been
applying both colors by making lines in the direction of the hair. As the next step I fill it in
a little bit more. I am not sure if you can see
the line work or not but she has her arm and a hand
on top of her hair. That is why she has a strange shape. Let´s add the dark shadow of the hand and I will darken the whole hair but not all flat, we will leave like
a strands that are lighter. Like some reflections. On each layer we can apply more
pressure, more intensity. And I will draw the line of the arm a little bit darker so that you can see
it better, just in case. And by the way, on the next tutorial
I will show you how to draw realistic skin. Using this drawing as well. That is a tutorial that I have been
requested many times and that that I see that it is a problem for many
people. In fact in a lot of the videos
and tutorials online, the skin is just drawn with pink and with
some brown for the darks. And that of course doesn´t look
very nice. It is a bit cartoonish. We will do it in a way that it is
more artistic and definitely more rich. With more colors. As you see I´m darkening
the front and the back to create the volume. The roundness of the head. Very good! ¡Excelente! I love drawing with color pencils! I should do it more often. Now I will scratch some lines
with a letter opener, carefully, to create some little hairs in other directions. You know what the letter opener
didn´t work very well so I´ll redo it with scissors. And that worked better. Now I can see them! With a fine eraser I pull some lights. Then I reinforce the darks
with the sepia and some lights with yellow
and with white. And we can darken around the thin
hairs, to make them pop out a little. The list of materials with all
the colors that I am using, is in the information below the video. With the yellow we can pull
some more lights. We need to press for this tough. We giving some touches with the crimson
to add color, and with the white we reinforce the lights. Very good! We give it the last touches
and it´s ready! Don´t forget to come next week
to draw the skin with me. And if you enjoyed it,
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to Fine Art-Tips. And I will see you,
on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


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