How to Draw Realistic Flesh With Color Pencils – Narrated

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and
today we will draw skin. We begin by very lightly applying
some blue to the areas of shade. I see that most of the drawings online
are made just with pink and maybe with brown for the dark areas
and that looks a bit poor, artistically speaking. In fact it looks a bit cartoonish. If you want to draw realistic skin
in a way that looks rich and full of life, apply more colors. Here I will give you an example
of how to do that. Let´s add yellow to the areas of light
and then light peach to the middle tones and also, we go over the blue with this. As you see, we will doing this drawing
in layers. It is important that your first layers
are very light, so that then you can apply the next ones correctly. If you put pressure on the first layers,
then it is very hard to add more color. So here we are applying the light peach
to practically all the areas of skin and here you can see more closely
how we apply the blue to the areas of shade. And we go over it with the peach. Again, we start very lightly and
little by little increase the pressure. After we apply the peach which is
like a pink color, we are still able to see the blue and the yellow. The blue that I am using
for the base of this shading, as you see, is a grayish blue. It is not an intense blue. Now we apply a crimson,
which is like wine, to the cheeks and to some of the darkest shadows. We start pressing more and
we add a little bit more of an intense color with a darker peach and a nectar. And we add more yellow this time pressing a little bit more, to the areas of light. Then we blend it in with the light peach. Needless to say this tutorial
is for white, fair skin but the principles of adding more colors in layers
and blending them in, may apply to other tones of flesh. I may shoot, in the future, other
tutorials specific to other tones of flesh. I add more purple and blue to the areas
of shade, and white to the spots that are reflecting light. With some reddish brown on the knuckles
and the cheeks, we can make it more realistic. Now with a colorless blender I am
burnishing. I will read you what I wrote
about burnishing in my book ¨You can Draw! Simple Techniques
for Realistic Drawings:¨ “After a layer or layers of color have been laid in,
apply a hard, rubbing stroke to mix the colors, or to intensify a single color to produce a lustrous surface. This is generally done with a
light color pencil, or with a colorless blender
(a pencil which has no color of its own, and that is used for blending.) It can also be done with the same
color you used for that subject. Burnishing will get rid of the visible
grain of the paper by getting the pigment to fill in all the blank spaces making an even, more painterly surface.” While I was happily and proudly
reading you my book [laughter] you may have noticed that I added
some red to the cheeks and some dark brown and even black
to the darkest shades. The places where you should add some
extra reddish are the cheeks, the tip of the nose, the knuckles, the elbow,
and maybe the shoulders if the person was under the sun. The list of materials including
all the colors I used, and the link for my book, are in
the description under the video. And it´s ready! If you enjoyed it please give it a
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on Tuesday 😉 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


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