How to Draw the Figure From the Imagination – part 2

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial! I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today we have
the second part of: How to Draw the Figure From the Imagination! If you haven´t watch part one of this tutorial
I recommend you to do so by clicking on the video, and then come back. This time we start in a similar way as the
last time. With an oval for the ribcage. In this case she will have the shoulders and
hips slightly tilted, so I put those lines in. Myat Htike Min Then the ovals for the pelvis, the head and
the bones for the arms and legs. Having this basic and simple structure it
is much easier to then draw the outside. Remember that the shapes of the body are very
organic. By that I mean, curvy. Rarely there is a straight line. At this point we can erase what we don´t
need anymore. And at the end, if we want to, we can draw
some clothes. Since this is a drawing from the imagination,
I am going to make some wings for her. Ok, good. Let´s go to the next one. We start with the mood line, showing the movement
and character of the person. You probably noticed that the last time I didn´t start
it with a mood line, I went directly to the skeleton. There is no rule about it, but the
mood line is usually helpful. Over the mood line we do the basic skeleton
and then the muscles of the body. This is going to be a male warrior type. When you begin by doing the outline of the
figure, it usually looks stiff. While if you concentrate on the muscles and shapes in general,
it becomes more live and with character. Therefore I recommend modeling your sketch
almost as if you were sculpting. It is helpful to mark the axis of the head
to place the features. For the hands I recommend doing an overall
shape first, then mark where the knuckles go (where it can bend) and then the fingers. At the end of this video I am going to place
the link for my tutorial on how to draw hands. I hope you did your assigned homework of last
week to know where the muscles go. But drawing anatomy is not a one time thing,
of course. I recommend what I said last week of copying anatomy from life, or from pictures
or from drawings, on and on. On a continuous basis. For the feet we will also do a basic shape. Let´s draw an axe. Today sketches are not going to be perfect.
In fact they are going to be full of flaws. The purpose of this tutorial is simply to
show you how to draw from the imagination. Ok, lets do the next sketch. We start with the mood line. This is going to
be a girl viewed from the side. We do the ovals as usual for
the ribcage and for the pelvis. And I am going to speed the video up,
otherwise we will be here all day. And I don´t think you want to spend the
whole day with me, really! For a head in profile you can start with 2
ovals, one pretty much vertical and the other one horizontal. Remember that the eyes are at the center height-wise. Then we start shaping the body. As a note, I don´t use this procedure when
I am drawing from life or copying from a picture, because in that case you have a
visual reference that you can use. And that requires a different technique. Some time ago I did an ebook called “drawing
the female figure from life models”, I will place the link for that ebook at the
end of this video in case you are interested in learning that technique. We can do some features and… don´t forget
the sternocleidomastoid muscle from the ear to the collar bone. The feet as the other parts, don´t need to have
much detail, but they should be looking correct. Let´s give her some butterflies to play with! And a little dress. Ok. Next! Let´s do the mood line for a strong man kneeling.
When you draw your mood line you will probably be the only person in the world to understand
what are you doing! [chuckles] On the mood line we place the ovals for the
rib cage, for the pelvis, for the head, and then we do the arms and legs. Then we start sketching
the shapes and the muscles. Let´s do the head with the 2 oval technique.
If it is in profile, the place where the 2 lines of the ovals cross, is where the ear goes.
This should give you a correct proportion for the head. Let´s give some nice muscles
to this superhero type. Good. Let´s draw a male figure from behind. We
do the mood line, and then our structure, which is the same,
even if it is viewed from the back. As I said before, let´s not outline the figure, but
rather, draw the shapes as if you were modeling. I hope this is not too repetitive for you,
but I thought maybe you wanted to see it done from different angles, on different bodies. Once we have these forms,
then we can unite them. Ok. Now let´s do a sitting girl from the back. We do the mood line, with the ovals and basic
structure. Oops sorry! It is out of focus. Ok. Of course here we will not do the muscles
like on the last one. But we can still do the shapes. I actually like this technique
very much. This is not the same way as I did the first
figure, if you notice. On that one I did outline a bit. There are no rules, but I think in this way the
figure is more lose and comes more to life. For the hands, again, we do the general shape, then
the line for the knuckles, and then the fingers. Ok, I like it! I am really having fun now! Let´s do one last one. This will be a sitting
girl from the side. We start with the mood line and then the basic
skeleton, as always. It doesn´t matter what type of body are you drawing, or from which
angle, or in which pose, that is a stable datum that you can always use: Your basic simple
skeleton. Which of course you can modify, making it wider, shorter, etcetera. For the face you can draw the mid lines horizontal
and vertical, which will help you place the features correctly. With our skeleton then you can have some fun
building the shapes. Let´s sit her on a stool. But wait! The feet
should be on the stool as well. Ok. I want the arm to go around the knee. So it
should be more like this, and the leg should be more toward her. When you draw from the
imagination it is common to have a lot of changes. Don´t panic please! Now I think she should have
some butterfly wings. And if she is a fairy, she should be sitting
on a mushroom! That´s better. Ok, this is all for today! Please let me know in
the comments if you think this was helpful, or not. If you enjoyed it, please give it a LIKE and
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and where the links are. And I´ll see you on Tuesday.


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