How To Dye – Color Your Mustache and Beard

What’s up Gents?! I’m Geofatboy for Shave Nation Shaving Supplies, SHAVENATION.COM… Today I’m going to do something thats a little bit different! This is made by Just For Men, and it’s a
mustache and beard coloring kit. My mustache and beard hair has always been lighter than the hair on my head. I wasn’t sure what shade to go with, I read the box, and it said, if you’re not sure which one to use,
go with a lighter shade. So I’m going with Medium Brown. It looks kind of light, but my mustache is kind of light, so lets give it a try! If I’m not happy with the result, I’ll shave
this damn thing off and be done with it! I can always grow it back, right? That’s the best thing about it, you can always grow it back!, Let’s see what’s in the box. A little plastic tray that you can do the mixing in. Right here. The instruction sheet, and gloves, so you can protect your fingers and hands. There’s a couple of tubes of solution. One is a color base,
and the other one is a natural color developer. There you go, and there’s also this handy-dandy nice little mustache brush. This alone is worth the cost of admission, I think. Some mustache brushes are too soft, they don’t really do the job. This one is nice and stiff. You can tell that it really tames the curly mustache hairs. Which I like! I will, give this a go! And before doing this, it’s best to do an allergy test. You should read the instructions but, you want to put a little bit on the inside of your elbow here and let it sit, follow the instructions, and see if you’re allergic. If you are, don’t do it. I’m going to put these gloves on, and I’m going to give this thing a try! Here we go, like I said, this will be interesting, and if it doesn’t work, my next video will be how to remove your your mustache easily, with a safety razor, or a straight razor. Got to protect the hands that take care of me. Protect the hands that take care of you! Take these 2 tubes, open them up.There is no seal or anything, but they are capped off tightly. I don’t really need that much, I’m just doing this little area. I’m not doing the full beard so, I’ll squeeze a little bit in here. About that much. That was the color base. The dark color is the color base. Then this is the natural color developer. That’s about equal amounts in the tray. I will take that handy little brush, and they were smart enough to angle one edge of it, so you can use it, to mix. Now I’ll mix these together. You can see it through the back as I’m mixing. If you see this isn’t enough, you can squirt a little bit more in there. You want to mix it together thoroughly. I’ll just dab this off on the end of the tray. If I need it, I can use it. That’s what it looks like all mixed up. I’ll rinse off this handle, so it’s dry when I do the applying. And I also put on a black T-shirt. I don’t want to ruin a good shirt, so just in case any drips on me, I can not worry about it. Take this and dab a little
bit on the brush. and begin to apply it here… I’m covering this gray area first, because I’m guessing that would be the most resistant area. So I’ll take care of that first. If you get some on your skin, I don’t think it’s going to harm you. I think it’s a non-ammonia based formula. Starting with the gray, which should be the
most resistant area. and then… I’ll work my way upwards I thought it might have a terrible odor to it, but it doesn’t. It seems to be almost odorless… I’m curious if you could use this on your eyebrows? I don’t know. I’d have to do some research. If you wanted to darken your eyebrows, or if that’s dangerous, because it’s too close your eyes, I’m not sure… I almost forgot the middle part! Let’s get this too. This little “Soul Patch” I’ve set my stop watch on my phone for 5 minutes. While I’m waiting, I’ll rinse out the tray and the brush. I’m staying with you for 5 minutes. 2 more minutes to go. It does seem to be getting darker, so I’m hoping that, this area where I got it on the skin will wash off easily… 1-1/2 minutes! Hmmm, What else can I do for a minute? OK, I’ll comb my hair… Brush my hair with my Shave Nation Brush 🙂 Maybe next I’ll do a video showing how to cut your own hair. if you wear your hair slicked back like I do, just, straight back. one day I’ll show you how to do that as well. OK… 30 more seconds!….. I’ll cap these up and put them back in the box. I used very little, it seems like probably do this least five
more times. maybe more, with the amount of solution that I used. OK, 5 minutes are up! I’ve got everything back in the box. I’m going to leave the brush out, because I like it. I’ll use it in the mornings to brush down my mustache. Now I’ll shampoo it out, and dry off. I think it worked out pretty well!… It’s not too drastic. It pretty much matches my existing hair color. I’ll just brush it out a little bit. … Pretty Cool! That wasn’t bad. I think I’ll be keeping this mustache, I don’t think I’ll be shaving it off for a little while… Thank you Just For Men! It’s a nice product. It seems to have worked
quite well on my mustache and beard area. And I’ll be using it again in the future. So I hope that helps you. If you’ve ever thought about coloring your beard or your moustache, and just wanted to know how to do it. I’m quite pleased with the results. Just to
summarize the process: Always do an allergy patch test on the inside of your elbow, per the instructions. Wear the gloves! Squeeze out equal parts of base and developer into the tray. Mix it thoroughly. Brush it in evenly into your beard or mustache. Leave it in for about five minutes. Shampoo and rinse until it’s completely gone. Until the water runs clear. And the gray is gone! It disappears. If you’re not sure which shade to use go 1 or 2 shades lighter, and you can also
go darker again. Check out all of my other videos on shaving with straight razors, safety razors, stropping, honing the
razors. All different things. Subscribe to the Geofatboy YouTube Channel, Click the Barber Pole above! You Gotta go To SHAVENATION.COM! Have a Great Shave, Have a Great Day! Geofatboy/SHAVENATION.COM Thanks for watching!


  • greysuit17


  • Paul O

    Ammonia – Based forula would suck just under the nose!!!
    You can use it on your eyebrows, but getting it in your eyes wouldnt be a good thing at all !!!  
    I havent seen you do videos in a while.  Glad to see you come back. 

  • Terry Lentz

    I've used this on my eyebrows before as well. You just have to watch so you don't look like one of the Marx brothers like I did once.

  • Boomshine

    Maybe it's just me, but I think the grey looks bad ass! Goes great with a motorcycle and leather jacket lol.

  • TheAdmiral1976

    Hey Geo,

    Is this video dedicated to promoting the new motion picture 50 Shades of Grey? I guess the product really works after all, it's no gimmicks just plain "black and white" so to speak. No grey areas!

    Another great entertaining video masterclass to enjoy. Keep it up sir!

    Best wishes
    The Admiral

  • Patrick Bolton

    Works on eyebrows too.

    Tip: Outline your mustache/hair with Vaseline on a Q-Tip and you will not stain your skin.

  • Taker

    Yep,,,,,i use that very product. Same shade too! But of course I leave some white or gray for a sign of wisdom! Great Video Geo!

  • Gus Palentino

    I've tried this but it causes such a bad reaction on my face. I read it happens to a lot of people!!! Good to see you back though. Can you do a video on the small straight razor to detail your beard please.

  • Gus Palentino

    Oh and once you open the tubes you have to throw them out. Can't reuse them.

  • George Faulknor

    Yorgo, I've left it on for almost 1/2 hr before. This same shade will turn Black. When you leave it on longer, the color lasts longer and you save money. You want to get it off the skin ASAP. It will stain. Slow down and concentrate on clean lines. I thought you were buffing, but you get good penetration. Balsy vid. We need more guys with this instructional info.
    — Yassou

  • Lars Jönlid

    Nice to see you without the bandana !

  • Thomas Aaron

    Good video. The ammonia-based stuff is rough to use. Will give that a try.

  • Pierre Eklund

    Would be great to have a head shaving instruction from you, but I guess that's kind of asking a lot 🙂

  • ulises franco

    could you make a video on the difference between shaving soap and shaving cream please,, thanks for all you videos,,, im barely starting out with a straight razor with double edge blades,,,i would love to know more details.,,, ive seeen all your videos

  • Gus Palentino

    I stand corrected on the just for men beard dye usage. And I was just saying I haven't seen you put up a new video in a bit.

  • stefan274

    Are there any skin color changes ?

  • Al Tudy

    I am now clean shaven but in the days when I used to sport moustaches, beards and goatees I often used Just For Men. After applying the mixture with the brush I would then use a plastic comb to comb the mixture through the hair to make sure the underlying areas were equally dyed. One VERY important tip – when reapplying dye two to three weeks later make sure you put it only on those areas where the grey is showing. To apply to already dyed areas of the moustache results in a much darker colour which can look odd!

  • chris4072511

    Don't ignore the warning about trying on a small area first. I developed an allergy to this stuff after about three uses.

  • rick greene

    i have also tried this and it works. love to shave my head but let it grow out at times and dye it back black have even tried bleaching it that looked great.

  • howyoudurrinhunneh

    I love you on Orange Is The New Black.

  • Tony Marinelli

    My vote is for a Greek Chico Marx.

  • how often do you have to dye your beard?

  • Brian Kulakowski

    good to the point review

  • Auggie McKinney

    Hey you did an excellent job. Your instruction were clear and easy to follow. You were funny but serious at the same time. Great job! now I'm going to try on my own dye. Thanks

  • rahul

    hello sir, can you tell me the whole process in Hindi as i am not so efficient to understand what you said in English.

  • Jason Street

    Make sure to thoroughly wash after use or it will burn your face.. Its happened to me a few times where I didnt get it all off.. Its a great product, just dont leave it on more than it says to, and wash your face very well after and youll be fine..

  • Warren Franklin

    shit I use the women dye, I want too color my goldtee midnight blue not the whole thing just the tips, but I be thinking what ppl might say. I like too be different.

  • Kyle Newton

    Dude, you totally remind me of Bob Odenkirk. Nice video by the way, it was funny and informative!

  • Osc291

    I put a small amount of it started burning my skin, washed it off with soap, will try again

  • The Godfather

    I cannot believe I watched the entire video on coloring your beard. I got way to much time on my hands……JESUS

  • peter van der pijl

    pretending its the first time

  • Mark Rodriguez

    That's a good look on you. I'm 50 and I'm planning to grow a beard and like to try medium to dark brown.

  • Christina Curiel

    Im eyebrow ing and eyelashing at the moment. Ill let you know the results

  • Jerry aka Jay Owens

    Did he say non-pneumonia based? lol I think he means non-ammonia based.


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