How to – exhaust and heat stains – scale modeling quick tips

How is is going guys? Hello and welcome to the cahnnel Do you want to know how to add heat and exhaust stains? I’ll tell you my approach in the next few minutes. The first step in this three step process is to apply a black filter. This filter is made by mixing thiner with tiny amount of gloss black paint. The key in this step is not to hustle it. Apply thin layers untill you acheive the desired opacity. Another key aspect is to study your refferance images and learn the flow pattern end so on. If you like my videos hit the subscribe button and the notification bell. This way you’ll get notified when I post something new. Don’t forget about the other heat sources… like the guns, shell ejection ports and other vents. If you want to see the complete build of this Hellcat, follow the link above. In some cases you might skip the secon step. But sometimes there is prominent lean mixture residue along with the more common black residue. To add this effect I will use Buff filter in the same fashion as the black filter. I have a cuestion for you, What kind of videos you prefer? Vote in your upper right corner or comment below. The final step will be to add oil residue that was spit out of the exhausts. For this I am going to use Shaft and bearing grease from AK Also, don’t forget to add some of the oil on the tips of the exhaust. This is all for now, make sure you don’t miss another video and hit the notification bell and the subscribe button Untill next time, Happy modeling


  • Plemeniti Channel

    Nice weathering, gonna try it.

  • Violent Industry

    What type paint and thinner do you use for the black filter? what is the ratio of paint to thinner too please?
    thank yuo for your videos! You are helping this newbie out a lot 🙂

  • J C R

    Hola amigo saludos desde Venezuela, muy ilustrativo y excelente trabajo, me puedes informar a que presion de trabajo usastes el aerografo y % de mezclas de pinturas y thinner? gracias

  • Francisco Rodríguez Blanca

    Muchas gracias por subtitularlo en español, estupendo trabajo.


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