How To Fill Pinholes Before Painting a Car with Kevin Tetz & Eastwood

pre-painting prep is one of those things that you just got to have in your shop but there’s many more uses for it than just a final wife before your paint job check out this episode of hands-on cars where we combine pre-painting prep and contour polyester glazing buddy for a really slick trick ok here’s a problem that you might have if you remember we put filler on these edges to close up our panel gaps and look here there’s a low spot so if i get in there with a sanding block and I block that flat well I’ve changed the fitment of defender to the hood I’ve created a gap there so this is a technique I want to show you on how to get away with that you could fill that in and it won’t show up in your paint job when you open up that hood this is the contour polyester glazing putty and the catalyst that goes with it and this is a razor blade the reason I use a razor blade so i can get a very small amount in a little bit of catalyst and I can mix it up more catalyst people like Bob Ross here but I can mix it up and get a very small amount and go in and fix that pin hole with a very very tiny amount and I can judiciously apply it with my razor blade very flat it’s a minimal amount so my fillers been sitting for a couple minutes it’s sort of hard I’ve got 320 on a block and eastwood pre-painting prep now here’s where you got to know the rules before you can break them this is dry sanding paper and this is a wet solving but this is going to work so i’m using my pre-painting prep and a wet sanding situation what that does allow me to fill the low spot the solvent activates the filler but not the cured primer around it so I’m not digging into the sides i’m filling in and I’m leveling and I’m doing it quick and now I’m ready for a cedar and topcoat and you’re never gonna know that space was there and just to explain it again my filter is much softer than the cured primer around it the solvent makes it even softer so it makes it easy for me to level this piece down not affect the edge around did not affect my panel fit between two panels and I fill in my pin hole so it’s just a nice technique in one that you can you can get away with something door it’s not really the intended purpose of that product but it works great sometimes it’s the little stuff that makes the difference we hope that tip helps you guys out and remember for more tips and great videos subscribe to our YouTube channel and to pick up your pre-painting prep for any other body shop supplies to do the job right go to

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