Hiya Avelino here , from the king coke aqua or King coke Arts Channel today we are going to Watch me finishing a Painting which has an estimated value of Canadian dollars three thousand five hundred The most important aspect of painting in my humble opinion is the estimated price because it is the jumping point Where in , you and the prospective customer would be seeing from eye To eye or You know, that that is a price that Could be negotiated or if the customer is willing then They buy the painting. If not, it is still an estimated value to start and in future transactions regarding this painting. Having said this this, is the the price point for any painting is Where the customer has already probably researched your artwork and knows more or less your price range You know, don’t be Fooled Customers are very smart. They do their legwork. They tdo their online research or ask questions or inquire about you and your work through their friends through their colleagues or to the people that they know Therefore when the customer the prospective customer talks to you He, she had already Decided Or still undecided maybe but more to the point that They already know If they’re gonna buy the piece that they have seen. You know thru online or thru the pictures or whatever So when when you talk to the customer; me, I always make sure that I show a lot of my artworks because more than ever if they like one, they would like another maybe two or three or four and That is always the case for me. On equal footing the quality of your work In my case. I always make sure That the product or the artwork that I do is of quality and Very well done The colors are very good the composition, the originality and For some other reason or for whatever reason so far as I know things that I have Done The prospective customers or the patrons have liked them and You know, they are happy. I am happy and at the outset and in the final Completion of the work I always make sure that I have a very nice and Very high quality product. That is the most important thing We have talked about Prices, estimated prices, the Price points Negotiations and also the very important thing, the quality Of the art works being done Having said this in my humble opinion It is an absolute duty of the artist to present an original work, a well-crafted artwork and You know, a lot of artists would disagree with me But for me, I have to like the colors that I am applying to the artworks that I do and I like colorful colors depending on the Artwork, but my artworks are always colorful. They’re not pale they’re not over colored but they are the right amount, right tint and You know ,any paintings that I do, I Make sure that if I hang it on on my wall I would appreciate it and I would like it and I would look at it. So therefore ,in the mix of things when I like something through my experience, the patrons or the prospective customers have always liked what I like so that is always My guiding light as you maybe call it I do Like what I do I always take time finishing my painting because I know that it will show on the Finished product. So I take my time. I let my paints dry Depending on the medium acrylic is fast oil is slow and I have never done for so long Watercolors but among the mediums that I like watercolor, I mean Acrylic but lately oil, I Take my time, . I Make I make sure I make a very good artwork Thank you very much for listening to me and watching me doing this painting. It’s not finished yet. It’s done 75% and I will just do the detailing and If there are corrections which I doubt I will do them

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