How To Fix An Old Or Damaged Photo Using Gimp Part 1

This video is on how to restore an old photograph
using the program GIMP it’s a free program that you can download at So go there
and download it and install it. Then scan the photo you want to fix into your computer
at a high resolution and remember where you saved it. Now start the GIMP program and go to file
and open, then find where you saved your photo and open it. Now that we have it open we can
start to work on it. Okay now that your photos loaded you have
to pick an area to start, so start with something easy. We’ve got a lot of black right here
in the middle so let’s choose that come up here choose the magnifying glass and drag
an area you can also just click and zoom in. Now come up here and choose the clone tool,
click it and right here is a pacity 0 is completely see through and 100 is not see through it
all put it up to a hundred. Down here is the size and it’s a little too big so if you come
over here and you get the black arrow pointing up with two black lines for a shaft and you
can click there and that’s how much it’ll shrink your brush. That’s a nice size, oh
yeah I almost forgot over here on the left under opacity it says brush, to the left of
the word brush there’s a box, click on that square box and up pops a menu with all these
different brushes in it. You want to choose the one it says hardness 0 5 0 and that’s
the brush we will be using for the whole lesson. Now’s a good time to save this because we’re
going to start actually working on the photo. So click File, click Save, choose where you
want to save it. I’m going to come over here on the left and choose desktop and I have
a folder on the left named GIMP part 1, I’m going to choose that and I’m going to have
the name and save it with a .XCF that’s what GIMP saves these projects as until you export
them as a photo. So put the name in and click Save. Now over here choose your clone tool, set
your opacity so that its at 100, make your brush the right size for the photo. Hold the
Ctrl key and click the area you want to copy, now move your mouse over here and click and
you can keep moving your mouse and clicking like I’m doing here or drag it and let it
go and the circle pops back to the area originally selected. Now move the mouse up here and drag
and then right here and drag. Now you can hold control again and click select the new
area and now I’ll copy that area and I’ll just drag right here. Pay attention to wear this thing moves because
if it comes up over here while you dragging it will copy that down here. When you get
close to something you don’t want to change you can stop dragging and do individual clicks
as you get closer. Then you can click here and drag. What just happened the thing went
over an area that used to be white so I copied it here. So I just stop dragging and started
over. Dragnet rid of it, dragon get rid of it. Now I’m going to come up here and hold
control and click and drag. Now come up to view click it then go to zoom and choose fit
window and you can see it already looks a lot better. You pretty much keep using the
same tool you once in a while use another tool that similar to it called heal tool but
a lot of it is just going to be using the clone tool like that but paying attention
the angles of the brushes and the opacity of it and the size. That’s the end of lesson 1 for today so go
up here click File and click Save. I hope this works out for you and if it helped
and you want to learn more go ahead and subscribe because I will be doing some more on how I
completely did this photo from this to this. I’ll try and do a video every 7 to 10 days
and I’ll show you how to do a lot more detailed work with that clone tool, this was just a
real basic introduction. Hope it works for you, good luck, bye. Chrome VoiceNote 8/21/2015, 7:21:24 PM


  • Diana Aliyeva

    my dad has been begging my brothers and i to restore photos of him that where damaged when he was in the navy, this video was super helpful and the photos came out great! thank you!

  • Daniel Breslin

    Gimp would make me crazy. I'll stick with Lightroom & PS5.

  • lunarfae butterworth

    Thank you , i had deleted gimp as far to complicated but this helped so giving it another go 🙂

  • C.

    I was ready to start from the beginning and I am stuck. My window with "tools" ends at the squares for foreground and background colors. I do not have "Tool Options" The window is empty after that. It only says "you can drop dockable dialogs here".
    So I do not have that "opacity" you talk about.The other window with tools to the right only shows "brushes". Totally different from what I see in the video. I was able to open the file with the photo I want to restore but … something is not right.
    I see I have GIMP 2.8.22. Help!

  • John Dozier

    didn't work for me I am using iMac maybe that's why Oh well thx anyhow. I think it is because I am using a recent edition of Gimp on a mac*(much better computer system imho) and it is now almost 2018 and this was done 2013. Anyone that can send me to a better tutorial I would much appreciate it because I am slow to learn and this darn gimp is complicated as hell for my old brain. I tried to find this olde version so I could benefit from his video, 🙁

  • philipatoz

    Thanks so much! I've done a lot of photo editing with other programs – which the software is out of date – didn't want to re-purchase. Had GIMP, but didn't know how to use its repair tools. Five minutes with your instructions, totally repaired a 50-year-old photo. Appreciate you taking the time!

  • Dasha M

    be good if the clone thing worked

  • Guy McLaren

    This is the worst tutorial I have ever used, get to the fucking point.

  • Jerry Briardy

    This is unbelievably frustrating. I'm following every direction and the damn thing will not clone the pixels. WTF?

  • 1971stretch

    The cloning worked really well for me. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Random Stuff

    How Can I Fix Flim Burn PLZ help me thanks!

  • Norri Buvari

    brilliant, thanks mate! Gimp for the win!


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