HOW TO: Get Paint out of Aerosol Spray Cans!

Hi folks – this is just a quick video to
show you how to get paint out of an aerosol can. Now why would you want to do that? Well, sometimes in some of the bigger cans, when you think it’s finished, there’s still some paint left in there, and if you’ve
got a small project you may want to use that or, in my case I saw some colours that I
really liked in the local £1 shop really inexpensive, and I wanted to use
them on a project, but I knew the spray pattern was going to be too heavy
and too rough, I wanted finer control. So, I took the paint out of the cans and I now have it in these bottles and I can use that in my air brush. Now the first step
is you need to release the pressurized gas that’s inside the can, that acts as a
propellant for the paint. Now you could just invert the can, hold the nozzle
down and spray that gas out, that should leave most of the paint behind – however it’s very time consuming. So what I prefer to do is I pierce a small hole, near the top
of the can, and let the gas vent out. Now obviously you want to be doing that in a ventilated area, preferably outside and you want to leave the can venting
for a good length of time. I leave mine overnight outside and that
works fine… after all the propellant gas has been released or, as I say preferably overnight, you want to cut the top off the can – you need to be a bit careful here because you’re cutting into thin steel and there can be sharp edges, I
use tin snips, stout scissors will work just as good – I wouldn’t however use a knife because it could slip and you’re just
asking for injury. once the top of the can is cut off, the next step is to get the paint out of there and into your bottle now, I got these bottles out of Bodycare,
but you can get them out of any main supermarket, they’re meant for carrying
shampoo etc when you’re traveling. So, just trim up the edges of the can, and
bend it slightly to create a pouring spout. And pour it into the bottle. I’ve
also made sure that the two agitating balls have went into the bottle too
because the paint well settle out in the bottle over time, and that will allow you
to give it a little mix just before you use it. Now if you don’t let the can vent
for long enough, there could still be a lot of propellant gas, even in liquid
form – and this is what can happen if you don’t leave that for long enough – it
can basically boil up and bubble up the paint and cause a spillage. So, think of it like
when you shake a bottle of coke and you open that lid – and what happens – it all
fizzes up – and that’s a similar thing to what’s happening with the paint, there’s
propellant still dissolved in that paint if you don’t let it vent for long
enough and as soon as you release the pressure it allows it to turn to gas and it
all bubbles up. Now, a quick note on health and safety, because there are those out there who’ll say that this isn’t the most safe thing to do… well I didn’t use gloves
or masks or anything like that and you probably should – eye protection especially because the paint could splash – but I’m still here to tell the tale, I’ve been doing this kind of thing for years and that’s just how I personally go about it – but I would have to recommend that you do use those safety things and take precautions. So, I hope that has been useful to some of you and if it has, I would really
appreciate that if you would hit that like button – maybe even subscribe to the channel, I’ve got a lot of different projects coming up. But for now, thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next one!



    Great video mate!

  • Deadpool10737

    I found your channel through the comment you left on Dutch the Hooligan's video. Lol.

  • kyriakos reizis

    can i use this paint in markers?

  • Filthy Rich And Flameing Knight

    im trying to get a green Fluorescent paint out of rustoleum can bec im trying to use it with a better spray tip witch i cant do. I need the paint out of the can im trying to do a grave digger. Does anyone know the correct grave digger green? Soo i dont have to do this. Or i have no choice

  • buddy77587


  • Bill Hanson

    Perfect video. Great low-cost method to source good quality paint to move over to a high quality spray gun. Thank you!

  • TheXIIIth

    just a question. are those bottles glass or plastic?

  • chaseybears

    Great idea sir, thanks!…Have you tried this with Krylon paints or do you know if you can airbrush with Krylon, and if so, do you have to thin it?

  • toshiba slave

    FINALLY! An instructional video on YouTube that is well edited, easy to understand and follow! Excellent job! The method you demonstrated is simple and easy to follow. Just what I've been looking for. Thanks for the advice! ?

  • Stryker 2

    Thank you I appreciate your video it answered my question …Well done!

  • Greg Giacona

    Hi there, helpful video, thank you.  Can you explain again how long to let the paint "de-gas" before it's safe for use in other mediums?   My plan is to empty a couple of custom-blended paint aerosol cans I had made up, to use in an airbrush gun.  I'm painting a motorcycle fairing and the spray cans are giving me orange peel nightmares!!

  • Genma Shiranui

    cool techniques at 2:04…open/close the cap. can i do that at fresh transferred paint? cause every time it happens to bubble, i panic and spill the paint.

  • Nanahachikyu

    hello.. do i need to mix thinner to use this extract paint ?

  • fitness1ststeps

    cheers…was just about to try spray it out and thought this is gonna get messy..i wonder if there is a youtube video on it..and like magic i found you..thanks

  • Br L

    whats with all the weapons dude – gun nut?

  • Jake Daurham

    So I’m about to use this for painting my car. I’m a brush painter and am looking to paint some designs. How long would you recommend letting a large can as you showed sit in a warm room to evaporate some of the thinner inside? (Read another comment below) and tips on using a brush and this type of paint? Would I use mineral spirits to clean and the brush and would I need to paint many layers? Thanks for the video. I’ve watched like 5 and yours was the most direct and simple.
    Also! What are the ‘risks’ of puncturing the hole on top? Like how can I avoid messing that up? And how will I know the aerosol is out after a few hours? Haha sorry for all the Qs!

  • misterbigstuff56

    So uhhh, I did this and it didn't go to well. I left the paint in a glass jar overnight and I took a shower in the morning. When I went out to check on the jar. I opened it and the shit exploded. So my clothes is absolutely done for. Fuck me right.

  • Dylan Hall

    Put it in bottles with one way valves for making beer. That will let it offgas without getting dust in it.

  • OliverD642

    Nice video. How does the paint not spray out when you make a hole in the can?

  • cryingmushroom47

    thanks for the this man!

  • BloodnGutz43

    Hey you still alive up there ? needed to check out how to get the paint out of some cans tomorrows job i guess nice video, like the gun wall keep these videos coming you finished all the gun rebuilds yet ?LOL

  • Panzergrau Models

    Helpful! I didn't realized there so much propellant gas mixed into the paint. Probably the technical name of "venting" should be de-gassing. Cool. Thanks for sharing. P.S. Your dumb accent is lovely 😀

  • Rasmus Porup

    Can you use the paint in a paint Gun?

  • Terri Gelbaum

    Wow are you expecting to get invaded? By the way I think your really cute.

  • Pyroh

    Any graff heads kno if the paint would work well with mop markers ?

  • Sarah Bayly

    Thank you! This just saved me nearly £20 on buying more paint to finish a job, because the nozzle on my can wouldn't work! 🙂

  • ULfishingPh

    What solution will you use when cleaning after using this paint to an airbrush?

  • Cass Vee

    After extracting the paint am I able to pop it into an air compressed spray gun ? Wanted a better technique to paint a car hood

  • Paul Robinson

    why would you need subs on the vid? that's a great accent and easy to understand, it's not like your from Fraserburgh or something. Good vid, but why dosnt the paint spray out when the can is pierced?

  • Mikhael Parhusip

    would a chrome color paint stay chrome after doing that? (going to use a handbrush)

  • Acme

    Hahaha your accent is fine, I can't believe you had to do subtitles, thats so insulting.

    Thanks for the tips 🙂

  • Dan Russell

    Great video info was very useful


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