How to Hold and Control Your Pencil

Are you tired of messy, wobbly lines? Tired
of not having any control of your pencil? Are you only capable of using a series of
short strokes? Well don’t throw in the towel just yet! Try drawing from the power of your
shoulder! With just a few short years of practice you can draw gestural, fluid lines like you’ve
always wanted. By using this patent-pending new arm motion we guarantee you’ll be able
to complete that curve with one beautiful stroke! Stay tuned to find out how you can
CHANGE YOUR LIFE! There are two common ways to hold your pencil
while drawing: Tripod Grip – Holding the pencil with your
thumb, index and middle fingers, like writing. This grip is more comfortable for using the
tip of the pencil. Not practical to use the side. It’s also comfortable to control with
your fingers to draw very small precise lines. So, it’s good for small strokes and thin
lines that are uniform in weight. Overhand Grip – Holding your hand over the
pencil. Your hand should be relaxed with the fingers and thumb lightly holding the pencil.
You can still use the tip of the pencil by one of two ways. If drawing on a horizontal
surface like a tabletop, simply bend the wrist forward a bit. If drawing on a vertical surface
such as a pad resting on your knees or an easel, you can flip your wrist upside down
to use the tip. Along with the tip, the overhand grip allows you to use the side, which is
much more versatile than the tip. You can get thick soft lines, thin lines, and a transition
between the two. Controlling the Pencil Since grade school we are accustomed to using
the pencil for writing. Since writing only requires our wrist, we have decades of muscles
memory developed for handling the pencil with our wrists. Though there’s nothing wrong
with using our wrist when it makes sense, we would be limiting ourselves if we didn’t
go beyond the wrist. The wrist serves well for small strokes and
details. The shoulder serves well for short AND long
strokes. It’s much better for steady lines and fluid gestural lines. Your shoulder provides a greater range of
motion than your wrist. So, when drawing larger shapes, curvy lines, use your shoulder. This
is especially useful for gesture drawing. Once you need to add some little details,
you can switch to the tripod grip. Again, it’s ok to use your wrist and hold the pencil
with the tripod grip for smaller details, but watch out for this… Since using your wrist doesn’t allow longer
strokes, we end up drawing a bunch of short lines to create one longer line. This can
get messy and you may end up with hairy lines. Using the Overhand Grip Holding the pencil overhand allows you to
use the side of the pencil. When sharpened correctly (as I explained in the pencil sharpening
video..) this allows you to get larger strokes of tone. If you press lightly and layer one
stroke over another, you can get soft gradations. You can roll the pencil forward or backward
to control the thickness and edge quality of the line. Use the area closer to the tip
for a thinner sharper line and use the middle for a thicker softer line. And everything
between.. Also, you can change the angle of your stroke
to control the line thickness. Stroking perpendicular to the length of the pencil creates a thick
line like I just showed. Pulling the pencil downward, parallel to the length of the pencil
creates a thin line. So you don’t need to use the tip, though you can.. With a slight
turn of the wrist while you’re pulling the stroke, you can create a line that changes
from thin to thick. This variation in line weight adds a good dynamic to our drawings.
It’s kind of like using a calligraphy pen instead of a ballpoint pen. The combination of an overhand grip and using
your shoulder allows for the widest range of motion and line type. Most of the drawing
can be done this way. Muscle Memory When we first start holding it like that it
feels weird because we don’t have good control of our shoulder. We’ve only practiced using
our wrists to write. We need to train our shoulder. It’s like playing sports. Repeat
the motion so many times that it becomes intuitive. Our friends at Wikipedia say Muscle memory
is “a form of procedural memory that involves consolidating a specific motor task into memory
through repetition. When a movement is repeated over time, a long-term muscle memory is created
for that task, eventually allowing it to be performed without conscious effort. This process
decreases the need for attention and creates maximum efficiency within the motor and memory
systems.” So, at first, drawing in this new way is a
distraction. Our mind has to focus on moving the shoulder correctly instead of making decisions
about the drawing. Fight the temptation to revert back to just using your wrist with
the tripod grip. Overtime as you develop the muscle memory you won’t need to think about
it and you’ll use the pencil like a Jedi master. Exercises Start training you shoulder by filling pages
of curves, circles and straight lines. Draw two dots and connect them with a straight
line to train your hand eye coordination. Or draw 4 dots and connect them with an ellipse.
Try “ghosting” the lines first by practicing the motion before making contact with the
paper. This is a great warm up before starting your drawing session. You can also practice controlling your line
weight by shifting your curves from thin to thick. Or if you struggle with filling in large areas
with clean tone, then draw a 6×6 inch square and fill it in with a clean tone. It helps
to shade only on the down strokes and lift the pencil off the paper on the way back up.
Focus on keeping the distance between each stroke consistent and using the same amount
of pressure each time. A very good exercises for hand-stability and pressure sensitivity.
If you end up with dark and light lines, it means either your stroke distance or pressure
is inconsistent. btw, a well sharpened pencil helps a lot… *** I think you should check out the premium courses.
Head over to for the full line up. You’ll find cool things like Portrait
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