How to Layer Markers and Colored Pencils

Hi I’m Cher Kaufmann today we’re going
to do a media mix up we will mixing two different media together: markers and
pencils. In this example here I wanted to show you a way of using markers
underneath and on top in different applications. If you have a large space
of doing backgrounds here’s an example of a black background. Now I’ve used
brown marker in the back just so that you can see it on video but what I
really want to point out is this is just pencil all by itself this is marker by
itself and this is pencil and marker combined. In this case what I’ve done is
I’ve put the marker underneath. I’ve applied it first then I’ve done my
pencil on top so this is a really nice way to get a large area of color, of
intensity, like a night sky or even the depth of an ocean, so this is a really
nice way to play with color in those areas. So here you can see that even
though I’m using a brown background just for your example combining the two is a
much deeper color than if it is just by itself and of course you can use this
with variations of other colors blues as an example and here in the sky. Now I
want to show you how to apply marker both on top and underneath pencil in a
little bit different application. Moving up to the area over here with the
foliage, I want to show you a nice way of using a background with marker which
I’ve done here just a real bright green marker in the background and then moving
to my pencils here where I have both a light high light and a dark in a midtown
as well in there and my pencil don’t actually have to work as hard now
because the marker that’s underneath already allows for color to shine
through it’s already existing on the page so my pencil doesn’t actually have
to cover nearly as much, not only doesn’t have to cover the all the white spaces
of that tooth of the paper it’s not shining through because it’s covered
with the marker itself. I’m gonna change pencils here,
but the way that I apply my pencils is actually a lot easier now. What’s fun
about doing coloring this way is that now I can add details with a fine tip
marker, but now what I really want to show you is my favorite way of working
with marker and pencil together and it’s not only a way of adding the marker but
it actually adds a little punch of color too. So if we move to the bark of the
tree you notice what the bark of the tree actually has four different colors
that are moving through that now what I have access to now is that I can
actually use I’ve got about well I could do all four of them here. I can do the
same thing matching my colors and my markers together in bringing them
together in a completely different way. So here just as an example you’ll see I
can actually intensify, I’ve got my pencil down here, and then I can
intensify by adding a little bit of orange marker and then I used my orange
pencil immediately afterwards and I’m basically smearing that marker around. So
what that does is it allows a marker to slide on top of the pencil and amazed
and fill in some of the white spaces of the tooth of the paper here’s where we
can really have a lot of fun you’ll notice here I’ve got my dark purple
that’s put on top to create a little bit of texture in here. When I add a bright
pink marker into this area not only will add a punch of color but it really
changes the dynamics of how this marker and pencil relationship work together
and you can see it really just softens right in and I don’t even have to add a
lot of pressure because really the marker is just gliding on top right on
top of that pencil so now you’ve seen some fun ways to play with marker and
with pencil now it’s your turn find your style. Have fun!


  • jayteadesigns

    What are the markers that you are using in this very interesting tutorial, I love learning new techniques like this, thanks!

  • Daryl Lynn

    Very cool

  • Daryl Lynn

    Cher do you do a lot of tutorials on posh studios?

  • katie hooker

    How do you keep markers from leaving clomps on the paper?


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