How to maintain an Airmix® spray tip to increase your productivity? | SAMES KREMLIN

Have you ever wondered why your Xcite spray gun doesn’t make the correct fan width and has problems with the flow rate? This problem may be caused if your Airmix® Tip is damaged. In the next video, we are going to see how to properly maintain your Airmix® tip and how to identify when those are damaged. In this case, we are going to use a worn-out Airmix® tip and in bad conditions we can see dirt possible obstruction and when I pull out the O-ring We can see it’s warped and flat And a clean Airmix® tip and in good conditions we can see, obstruction doesn’t exist and at the moment to pull out the O-Ring we can’t see warping and flatness This Airmix® tip with part number 09-094 must give us a maximum fan width of 23 cm and a fluid output of 300 cc using fluid pressure of 35 bar To better viasualize, we will make the atomization test using both tips. Using the brand new Airmix® tip, the atomization is regular and uniform using the worn out Airmix® tip, the atomization is irregular, poor coating, more paint waste, as a result, need more steps to paint and more application time. Another way to check your Airmix® tips, It is the flow test We use a pump with a ratio of 20 to 1. Adjust the pneumatic pressure feeding to 1.75 bar to obtain a fluid output of 35 bar. As you can see, the worn out Airmix® tip give us a flow rate more than 300cc in comparison of the brand new Airmix® tip The paint consumption gradually increases, placing more paint on the part, more thickness applied than necessary, low finishing quality, with a higher risk of orange skin effect and more overspray. To avoid the issues previously shown, we recommend that, before the application begins, you choose the correct brush to clean the Airmix® tips! Avoid introducing any other tool to clean them. Use the correct needle to clean the conduit, avoid introducing any other tool to clean them to clean them After using your equipment, we recommend immerse your Airmix® Tip in a recipient with the product you normally use to clean (solvent or water) If you use an O-Ring tip seal, check that it is not damage If you use a tip seal with mesh, check that your seal doesn’t have rupture or dirt. Thank you for watching this video subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more video recommendations Activating the notification option bell. Comment any doubt in the comment box! Also follow us on our social networks

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