How to Make a Clay Trout Sculpture : How to Form Model for Clay Trout Sculpture

JORGE BENLLOCH: Let me first tell you what
is that. That’s the–it’s going to be the final display of the fish. We are going to
put the clay fish in here like this. But for now, this is like $5 shelf that–$4.50 that
I bought at Home Depot, I guess. We are going to use the other side in order to put the
clay in there. Then we are going to put it in here with this. Then, you guys, you will
see what I am doing. Now, we are going to put the thicker part of the head. And you
would see that we need material here and there. Then of course, well–then we cut more and
we add more. We add the material for the fin in here. We add some kind of material here.
We are going to add some material in there for these little fins. Then we’re going to
put this fish there. Then we are going to draw the fish. I forget to cut this, then
we mark with that whatever we need. And this is the eye, that’s important. MAN: Okay. JORGE
BENLLOCH: And that’s, more or less, the design of the fish.

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