How to Make a Horse Head Sculpture : Sculpting the Ears of a Horse Head

We are going to end the mane. You know, you
know putting the last coils there. Just making the effect of a nice mane there. That’s almost
it for now. Later we are going to make the detail and now we are going to start with
the ears. The ears, as we know, those guys they have a very alert ears. Cut a piece of
clay like that. Cut in two pieces more or less same. And then I suggest you do it with
a thumb, press there. Make it like , like this. And shape like this. Then, this quite
delicate and I hope its going to last. Anyway I’m going to make a hole there. Too big. Looks
like a donkey.
That’s almost it. Later we will reshape that. We have to put more hair here or mane here.
You do that same thing with the thumb. You press this with the thumb from there and do
that pressing here, cutting there. Well they have to have the same kind of shape though
since I make one left, one right. Have to make like a hole here. We’re going to, you
see that’s too big, hold like this. Now we have to see if both more or less same. But
they are not.


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