How to Make a Horse Head Sculpture : Sculpting the Face of a Horse Head: Part 1

Ok, then you can see, when I put this, for
example, against the clay, you’ll see where we have to have to art and where we don’t,
and where we have to cut out. And it, to be exactly the same, but it helps, you know.
And I mean, if you have no model, and now you have no magic skills, on my drawing, that
really is very helpful. My students, they love it. We are going, actually, to make some
kind of different thing, I like the horse with, with a neck coming up, because this
one, the position, he was like, you know, walking, and this is going to be standing.
Then the neck is ok right now, and we’re going to take this out. Then we can see that it
looks like a kind of horse. This, I’m going to take it off when, when dries off. That?s
why I am keeping here. Then we’re going to make the nostrils, we’re going to make the
lips here, have everything and narrow. So then here, we’re going to put some kind of
clay here, for the eye socket, they have like a big one here, now I am looking at the other
horse, those horses that we have around here that are not really very good ones, this is
the Leonardo da Vinci horse, that was taken by a drawing that somebody give me, it was
not really a good looking horse, it looks like, something different than a horse though.


  • 00IcySky00

    omg thanx this helped me

  • BabyKillingUnicorns

    this helped me so much

  • NeccoWecco

    Great video, very helpful.

  • amygde

    i am trying to make a horse sculpture this helped me a lot

  • velhonen

    1:19 lol, his voice

  • velhonen


  • satinspringsarabians

    Do you use an Armature and if so what do you use and what shape do you use to hold up your horse head.

  • ladan wright

    what an incredible master

  • sandrinilie

    My last Clay Horse, looks like Maximus from Tangled Carton 🙂

  • Ninjakitty 8862

    what kind of clay do you use? Is there a website that I can buy it from?

  • BuckwheatHoney

    This is amazing! Kudos to the talented artist!

  • sloth1982

    You obviously don't have a clue about working with form or how to explain how to work with clay while you are forming the work. Try doing what he is doing and see what comments you receive before bashing him. If you have watched his other videos you would see he is very versatile and really trying to teach the masses about how to express themselves through sculpture and how to pay attention to little details.

  • Archi Gomez



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