How to Make a Horse Head Sculpture : Shaping the Face of a Horse Head Sculpture

We have to put these two pieces together.
Quite nice. Okay, because this is going to give us strength. Now we are going to start
building the face of the horse shape. We have to let this be free because later we are going
to pull the horse like this. As you can see that we are getting there. When we have this
started now we may put this in there and say okay now what’s going on here, well you will
see what’s going on. That’s because this is going to be in here. Now we have to much in
there. It?s okay. Then this is going to be like that. We cut this off. The
size of the face is almost there. Now one of the other things we have to check, is how
narrow is the face. The face is very narrow. The horse face. That’s why I try to tell you
this, because if not the measuring mistakes that we do when we have no model is that we
make it very fat, a very fat horse face. We have to for example.


  • kyssuber

    These videos are terrible, The subtitles appear in the middle of the screen so you dont see what is being done, the videos are way to short and many and they cut the guy of in a middle of sentences The videos are not marked by order and it difficult to get a step by step… and why do you even bother to have subtitles?

  • Hockeygirl604

    @kyssuber hey! subtitles are important to us, im DEAF ! ur thoughtless

  • kyssuber

    @hockeygirl604 If you could hear how out of place the subtitles are you would see what poor quality this video is.
    I am dyslexic so this subtitles bother me alot.

  • Hockeygirl604

    @kyssuber im seeing subtitles are fine, quality in video was fine and i do not like to watching video ppl talks abt blah blah like i seeing blank nothing 2 learn . subtitles help deaf people 2 understand video , but subtitles have (on off) button

  • Dentje

    This method to create a horse is terrible! I wish I could help you out!

  • Marina Garcia Solorzano

    thank you so much… these three videos, have helped me so much!


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