How to Make a Photoshop Elements Layer Mask Brush Portrait Effect Tutorial

Hi I’m George Peirson and we’ll be doing this Photoshop Elements Brush Effect Portrait Now if you liked this video make sure you hit that Like button, and of course Share, you can support this channel through Patreon, don’t forget to Subscribe. I do a bunch of videos each week, there’s my current schedule, and take a look at my complete training course for Photoshop Elements and you’ll find a link for that right down there in the description Okay let’s get to it We’ll be starting off this Photoshop Elements Brush Effect with just a regular picture like this now this is a real easy technique but there’s a lot of variability you have a lot of fun with this so here’s our image on the background later I just open up the image select out now go up here and click on the new layer mask and add layer mask button makes a new layer mask also notice that it converts this into a regular layer and no longer into a background layer now click on the new layer button drag this layer underneath that layers is like that clear down here and then our picture up here with the layer mask make sure you’re on this bottom layer set your colors here to white and then grab the Paint Bucket click inside any place that fills that bottom layer with white now go up to the layer up here is your layer mask look for your light blue outline right there change your color your foreground color here to black and click the paint bucket again that fills that layer with black so what this does is the black is now hiding this whole thing and we’re seeing the white underneath we can now show the image here by painting white onto this layer mask that’s the whole idea behind this we’ll go here to the paintbrush and on the brush settings down here click on that arrow that brings up your brushes I have mine set at default brushes if I pull this up quite a ways there you go there’s your standard default brushes I’ll just roll down here with the wheel on my mouse and it’s down a little ways past halfway point there’s about the halfway point it always passed that would begin getting into these things here these are chalk brushes and I kind of like this one here says chalk 36 pixels that’s kind of a nice brush and then 36 pixels is the size change the size to 300 so you get a good big brush like that now change your foreground color to white there it is now if I just tap on here you can see what happens you can actually see through this letter mask because of that white on there I have my opacity down here set at about 44% that way if I go a few times here it overlaps and it gets richer where the overlap is now if you tap you get a little bit of texture showing through like that if you drag it becomes more solid that’s all you have to do just come in here and just drag it around a little bit do a few touches then you’ll click and drag let go click and drag let go click and drag let go the reason I’m doing that is when you do it that way and you click and drag and let go and then come back again you get these overlapping areas in there that adds interest into the image now let’s pull out just some basic ones out like this kind of streaky things there we go and that’s really all there is to it you can finish off right around the face if you want a little more detail and there just kind of go over that several times and it gets a real solid you thick so we have this nice transition happening here from real solid in the middle out to more overlap of thinner areas out there if you want to have some texture showing just go over here to these Styles go back for second the layers gotta have some texture showing here on your brush strokes just change up here on the layer double click on the image side look for that light blue outline there it is now come down to use styles and you should be seeing bevels up here it’s the top option you should be seeing that already just click on the first bevel right there and that should give you a little bit of edges should we kind of see them right up in there above edges showing just a little bit more detail that way on that so there it is that’s all there is to it sprit easy as you can see to come in and create this very interesting kind of brushstroke effect pretty quickly using just a brushstroke and some basic layer mask work once you’re at this point you can put a bit more control in here by adding an adjustment layer onto this layer go to your layer come down to new adjustment layer and levels right there where it says use previous layer just check that checkbox and cheese okay now you can control the values of your picture with your slider controls the middle one there’s all your mid-tones and then the left one are your dark tones and the right one is your light tone so it gives you a bit of control in here on your image I think on this one going just a little bit darker helps in about 0.87 just a bit more richness in there on that so there we go real fast real easy kind of a brush stroke technique to work on your portraits the last thing I want to mention here for this to work out well and get a nice effect let me just come up here and let’s disable the layer mask just for a minute there we go the one thing I found that does help is composition wise you want to have the face kind of in the middle of the picture so you have a lot of space above below and left and right that gives you space for your brushstrokes to work if you have a very large face and you’re going to run out of area with your brushstrokes very quickly and you’ll see hard edges so a picture where you have more background showing and he faces more towards the middle of the image will give you some room in here for the brush strokes to show I’ll just put that back up again there we go okay there it is there is the brushstroke layer mask effect and you can get different effects different qualities in here just by choosing different brushes and there all kinds of brushes to choose from just play around with these things just try different stuff the thing you get some really interesting he fixed there’s also of course in here are lots of other brush styles of brush sets as well that come pre image here for portraits [Music]

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