How to Make a Sculpture of Human Hands : Sculpting the Basic Shape of a Clay Hand Sculpture

O.k., now we have two hands that we can see
that one is a little bit thicker than the other one; we have to reshape these. You know
this part of the hand it’s thicker than this one; that means we are going to reshape with,
like that all the fingers. And this out a little bit, but not that much and we’re going
to do like this. And then now we need to start reshaping in the hands form; except this is
going to be. Now you have to round the edges, round the edges; round the edges, you know
to make it like; look like a hand. Now we need to make the forms of the bones that we
have in there. We will need an extra clay to the knuckles here. Then we just there.
This one’s a little bit too thin and we put a little bit in here. Just try to shape; reshape.
And if we want like feminine hands we have to think how long the fingers. When we have
this we can shape with a spoon. And then put it in here and we try to bend the hand in
some kind of shape that, that we want. Then this hand is going to be attached to the other
one. Then let’s work with the other one.


  • Marona Tanner

    good work 🙂

  • malpas46


  • Misha Most


  • velhonen

    "Make it look like a hand"

  • velhonen

    "Sorry for my accent" he said in other video.. OFC We understand Jorge when he is talking. We know what he means

  • csselement

    Clay needs to be put in a kiln to reach the bisque state. Without doing this, your dried clay will be extremely fragile.


    those are so [email protected][email protected]@

    (not really)

  • Fabi Rodriguez

    please someone tell me where i can find clay like that am looking but still cant find any

  • Pepiola

    I can make a better hand than that WITHOUT using my hands…

  • Wk Beattie

    wow. a spoon.

  • Jessisthebest

    try Michaels? I find that place has most of my artsy needs

  • pidner

    A better,easier way is to fill a medical glove with plaster of paris,let it set up which dont take long,remove the hand from the glove and shape and paint if desired.

  • Shiko Artin Tim

    Can you tell me what material is used for this clay i just need the clay to be like this
    thank u

  • Douglas

    and now you are ready to slap someone with your newly created hand of god :3


    how can give yourself a handjob 🙂

  • Dace Bruna

    i am struggling whether to make the hands from clay or to use the technique you're talking about for more than 2 weeks now. i don't have any expierence of working with the plaster.could you please tell me approximately when could or should i start to shape the hand? and do i shape the pose of the hand while it is still in the glove?


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