How to Make a Wood Sculpture : How to Work the Edges of a Wood Sculpture

On behalf of the Expert Village my name is
Husain Abdul Alim and I’m here to tell you all about wood carving. Edges, edges all around
here. This piece is done except for the edges. So that’s where the rasps are important. I
begin to get into those areas that really need attention all up underneat the eyes,
here. All my edges. Particularly on the outside. Rounding off all my edges. I was reminded
of what I needed to do. Brother who was learning from the same mentor that I had learned from
came by and was at a show I was at and I was showing off my pieces and I asked him what
did he think. Course I was just thinking about my creativity. But he was looking at my workmanship.
And that was his critique. All my edges weren’t as smooth as they should be. Like I am right
now rounding off my edges. Rounding off all my edges, finishing it off. Well that was
what his critique was and it makes for a better piece. I’m an Aries and I have a problem finishing
so I have to really pay attention to my endings. And so it makes me a better artist to finish
off my edges and improve the quality of my work.


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