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I’m going to show you how to make an air brush smoothie. If you want your skin to look like you’re a Kardashian with a makeup artist on hand, this is how you do it. Start off with your greens. Always start off with your greens. Go hard. Kale and spinach. I’m going to put a bit of ice in here just to cool it down. Lemon, dense in vitamin C, and it’s going to also help detoxify your liver. Then we’re going to go with some vitamin E dense and protein dense almonds, straight in there. You can use sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds also work well here. You want the fat-soluble content of the almonds because that’s gonna hydrate your skin and avoid wrinkles. Some dates to sweeten it up, a little bit of fiber too, and some coconut water. Now that right there is a nine out of ten skin smoothie. If you’re having that every day you’re gonna look a lot younger than anyone you went to school with. Diet is key to having young skin and vibrant skin and not looking the same as your driver’s license. I’ve learned that the hard way. When I was in college, I ate horribly and despite bathing and proactiv everyday I still looked like a pizza face because that’s all I was eating, that and five liter bowls of cereal. All that information just overwhelms your body internally, and that just comes through in your skin. If you want good skin you have to eat healthy. It doesn’t matter what L’Oreal cream you’ve got, you actually have to take care of your insides. Consistent with that, we actually got in touch with our natural path to create something that is nutritionally backed to enhance it further. So we created our own product which is Forever Young. What we’ve done here is we’ve combined our strongest sources of vitamin C on the planet which kakadu plum found in the Northern Territory and then camu camu found in South America. They’re off the charts in terms of vitamin C, and the data shows that if you combine collagen with vitamin C over a consistent period, in this case 30 days, you noticeably see results in your skin. That’s been proven. That’s peer reviewed scientific journals. Forever Young is optional you don’t have to have that get your hands on some collagen and some vitamin C, and you’re going to improve the results even further. But just getting a green smoothie every day with some lemon in it is going to put you a long way in front of anyone else. And I should say with the marine collagen it’s made actually out of freeze dried fish, which sounds horrendous and I can can understand some apprehension, but when you use really high-grade premium wild-caught fish like we do, there’s no scent, there’s no taste. So this is just something that is in there. Your body knows it’s there but your taste buds have got no idea. So here we go. Delicious. Very, very green, but tastes amazing. I can have that every day. For the full recipe click the link.

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