How to Make Clay Sculptures : How to Make Clay Molds & Clay Dies

I am Chitropola Mukherjee from India on behalf
of Expert Village. I want to tell you about how a model is taken. After a statue or any
piece of work, any piece of sculpture that has been finished. After it has settled down,
you know you put water and keep it and make it settle down. And after that you take first,
take a mold. A mold is taken by first making a separator. You make the separator with clay.
The separator is made with clay and it’s like a thick band. Whatever is the thickness of
the mold, you take that much of clay and you make it into a band. And you put it right
through the whole sculpture so that it is divided equally into half. Because you have
to take the mold out, later on. So you must have a separator. If you have the whole thing
in the mold, then you can’t take it out. So that is why the separator is needed. So after
the separator is fixed and cuts the whole piece in two, you make little holes in the
separator for the locking which we will show you later. And after that has been done, you
take some plaster of Paris. And you use a brush. Liquid plaster of Paris, use a brush
and see that the brush fills up whatever places that have to fill up. If there’s anything
that is not really quite perfect so that it has become smooth. After you have done that
with the liquid, the you take the plaster of Paris in a moldable form like dough. And
you slowly slowly, entire thing to the required thickness you put it on both sides. After
that it dries, then take out the separator. To take out the separator so you have two
halves which is in plaster of Paris and it is let to dry. And when it is dried you have
to unclip the two, unlock the two and take out the two pieces. Once you have done that,
then you are safe and your sculpture is also quite safe. Thank You.


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    why did they put this lady on??? This video is not only NOT informative… you can't even understand her!!

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    very very poor "how to" video.

  • edwin paz

    who can make a bruce lee or freddy crueger figure in clay?

  • Judith Knight

    This pleasant lady has described very well the method of making of making a 2 piece mold – if you listen carefully it is quite easy to understand. Just make sure there are no undercuts in the sculpture which will prevent you from making a successful mold. Persons who do not understand this video may have had very little experience in sculpting in clay, and perhaps need a visual demonstration.

  • puzzleit

    The method suggests applying a separater then pushing plaster dough(?) on to both sides of the sculpture allowing to set then removing. Surely when the separator is removed after setting the two halves of the mold will not sit together as they have not been touching during the setting process. It would not be possible to mold the head shown in the film in two parts because of the under cuts around ears etc. I am sure the lady is a most accomplished artist but this molding method will not work.

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    Expert Village are to blame they get the cheapest person to do their "how to's" and do not care if the person knows about the subject or how they will present the subject, This is not the only video from "expert Village" that sucks, I have come to the conclusion the only thing they are expert in is filling youtube with crap and taking the advertising money. i don't blame the lady she was not asked to do it any other way.

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    The "proverb" that should allways be kept in mind when trying to communicate with prictures and or video.

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    Nice lady , crap video ….

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    good narration but no 'show' – keep the sound track and actually show what you are talking about

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    Bla bla bla 🙁
    if you don't know how to make a mold you won't know after this vid
    normaly the expertvillage videos are much better

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    Google mold making books or check out amazon for mold making books. These video's are so stupid.

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    i love it

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    This video would have been much better if there was a video tutorial! ExpertVillage, students are dumber than you, so please present in information appropriately…I'm sure all the beginners are even more confused!

  • DX Newington

    The clay model of a woman on the table is adorable. Very creative work.

  • Amanda

    Can you show how to make a large 3d dragon mold


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