How to Make Clay Sculptures : How to Make Terracotta Sculptures

Hello I am Chitrotpola Murkherjee speaking
on behalf of Expert Village and I am from Oxbis, India. Now, I am going to show you
how a terracotta sculpture is made, a small piece, but I will show you. You take the dough
and you bat it, bat it flat with anything, with a brush or a handle or whatever, and
then you roll the clay and cut out the edges. You take a knife and cut the edges, cut the
edges, so that you get a nice long six inch scale or eight inch scale depending on what.
Then you bend it like this, so you’ve seen that we have made two bands together and we
have shaped a cylindrical shape like this. Now, we are going to repeat this process and
as we go further we keep repeating this process and putting the second glort, similar band
that we have made; and we are going to put it on the first band by scratching the surface
of the edge off the first one, little bit of water with a brush, and then we put the
second band. Now we keep repeating this process of making these bands, and fitting it on top
of one another, until it goes up and up and up; until we have come to a point where we
feel that the basic foundation for what we are trying to make is complete. You will notice
which is turning out to be hollow, it is a hollow cylindrical shape. For terracotta sculptures
it has to be hollow. You know, it’s almost like an abstract shape as you see it, but
later on you can turn it into a completely abstract shape, keep it as an abstract sculpture,
or we can place any kind of recognizable object. We can make it into a human being by putting
it a nice head, or have just a suggestive shape which will give it some kind of identity.
This is before fire, when in the fire is sand, rust, and brick, so if we keep it in the solo
shape the heat is distributed much better, so that the heat doesn’t affect. Well, this
is very interesting, we are doing things, so I hope you have enjoyed this. Thank you.


  • fragitsa

    why is it more talking than showing?!
    i cant really follow through

    i love the sculpture with the ears though

  • Karen Guillory

    Thank you- but more visual, while the voice is talking, would have been more helpful for the next video you make.

  • Rajendra singh

    what type of clay is that?


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