How to Make Clay Sculptures : How to Make Various Clay Sculpture Designs

I am Chitrotpola Mukherjee, speaking on behalf
of Expert Village. I am from India. I would like to show you the possibilities of making
designs in clay. Clay is a very malleable material to work with. You can use clay to
make abstract sculpture or you can make realistic reproductions. You can play around with it
and come up with your own imaginative design. I have a few pieces here today, which show
a variety of design and shows the flexibility of clay. Here we have a fish. This piece started
as a plate. The artist folded the plate, cut out bits and pieces to create the tail, pressed and
molded the body and scratched out a design and then glazed the work. This is an abstract
piece. It started as a simple ceramic bottle with glaze and on-glaze, but the artist was
creative when it came to the lid. The artist has taken the liberty
of adding extensions to the round lid, applying raised designs and color, thus creating an
entirely individual piece of sculpture. Basically, there is no limit to the number of designs you can do with clay. Do
what pleases you. I hope that some of you will take up clay sculpture. Thank you.

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