How to Make Clay Sculptures : How to Use Kilns to Fire Clay

Hi. I am Chitrotpola speaking on behalf of
Expert Village and I am at Art Space India. I am now standing in front of a very large
kilns. Now what is a furnace? This is a very large furnace. It is made from fire bricks,
very special kind of bricks. Which is expensive and you make it according to an expert’s knowledge.
In this one which has got a huge capacity in the sense that you can put in a large pieces.
There are certain methods of loading. First and for most you have to have different racks.
You have to put racks. On the certain height from the bottom of the furnace. Has to be
there. So this is one type in which you can make very large pieces. Now we have an indoor
one which is made out of the, the body is made out of iron sheets and inside to keep
the heat in the entire thing is padded with fiber wool. What you want to wish to load
if you are doing a sculpture. You have to keep it off the base of they can a little
bit. So that the air can circulate and the heat can circulate evenly. So you have different
slabs and you set the slabs according to your required height. And then you very carefully
put in your things to be in a fired. And then you close the door and you raise the temperature
according to your design level. This kiln is a gas kiln. It’s run by gas so it the other.
Actually you can have wood fire kiln but you need an enormous amount of wood. To do the
wood fire kilns to raise the adequate level of temperature. You need a lot of wood. I
hope this is quite clear about firing because this, this skill and a firing is one of the
most essential and basic parts of any kind of ceramic work. Whether it is sculpture or
whether it is other things like table ware or decorate your items. Thank you.


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