How to Make Greeting Cards : Homemade Greeting Cards: Cards With Hearts

Hi this is Brenda and today we are working
on our pop-up cards. For this project we will need some index cards like I bought here.
These are 5 x 8 plain index cards that you can buy in the school department area of your
store. You need some acrylic paint, school glue, some scissors and a marker and we are
ready to begin. Now I am going to take my sheet of card stock. I’m going to fold it
in half like this. Today we are going to be making a heart pop-up card. For this project
I am going to take the card and on the fold I am going to draw half of a heart. It looks
kind of like an ear when you draw it just like this and that will be my guide when I
begin to cut. Take my scissors and as I begin to cut it is important to realize that you
don’t cut out the whole heart. If you do that it would disconnect from the card. We
don’t want that. I am stopping about midway and I am beginning over here making my cut
here, stopping this short so that I don’t cut out my whole card. Now I am ready to open
it up like this. I begin to work with it so that I can make it become my pop-up. As you
see, I am just making it kind of pliable like this and it is taking shape. I’m folding
it down like this and this becomes my pop-up like this so that when we open it, it pops
out at us. Now I also have a white sheet of paper that I cut earlier. It’s the same
size 5 x 8. This is going to be my under liner. I’ll be gluing this on so that this will
cover up the cutting that I did in the back. This is my finished product. As you can see
when we open it up, the heart pops out at you. I’ve embellished it with some drawings,
some glitter. If you don’t feel artistic, you can buy stickers at your stores where
stationary is sold and you can add the stickers, glitter, ribbon, raffia whatever little embellishments
that you like. You can write on there I love you or Happy Valentines Day, stick it in the
envelope and send it to someone you care about.

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