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How To Make The Panda Sushi Roll
To make the Panda Sushi Roll you’re going to need some slices of sushi-grade tuna, and
what you’re going to want to cut is a couple slices of one centimeter thickness and a couple
slices of half centimeter thickness. Why the different thicknesses? Because to draw the
features of the panda face you need different thicknesses to be able to make it look more
realistic. Now once you have finished cutting the tuna
that you need you transfer it over to a small bowl and then you add some soy sauce. You
then marinate for about half an hour to an hour, don’t go over an hour because it really
starts to harden the tuna after a while in the soy sauce. And just leave it in the fridge
to marinate. Now what I am going to make here is some green
sushi bars and what I have there is some cooked and seasoned sushi rice, and I am just going
to mix in a little bit of Wasabi Masago, you can buy this already made, its capelin fish
roe seasoned with wasabi and some seasoning. It comes frozen, it’s very handy, and then
I am going to add a little bit of chopped coriander. Now you gently mix it, the idea
here is to separate the sushi rice grains so the Wasabi Masago and the coriander can
get in between the rice, and then it looks nice and green.
Make sure not to mush the sushi rice, you really want to just separate it out and be
careful and don’t squish any grains. Once you’re done mixing this you keep to one side
until you need it. What I have here is my marinated slices of
tuna, sashimi, which I cut earlier and I am going to prepare them into six different packages
wrapped Nori of different thicknesses and different dimensions to make the different
facial features of the panda face. For example, I am going to use thick slices of tuna to
make the two eye pieces and the two ear pieces, and then I’m going to use a thin slice of
tuna to make the nose and the mouth pieces. Now here I am going to show you how to make
one piece and then you can make all the rest using this information.
Alright, to make the tuna packages you simply slice the tuna into the right thickness for
the part you want, and then you wrap it in half a sheet of Nori. You cut off any excess,
you don’t need to wrap it completely, and then you just keep them on one side until
you need them later. Alright now to some of your pan sushi, what
you do is take a half sheet of Nori and then you lay out a little bit of sushi rice in
the middle, just like so. And then you take your thin piece, this will be the mouth piece
and you just lay it flat on top of that. Then you add a little bit more sushi rice, a very
small amount. If you overdo this you will have a massive-massive sushi roll. So you
just lay it down, take little bit by little bit — okay. And now you put a small piece
which will be the nose piece. And then again a little bit more sushi rice, just enough
to cover it up. Alright, so here what I am doing is I just
adding a little bit more sushi rice on the sides so that when you roll it up you get
a nice round panda face. You should always be thinking how this is going to turn out
to be a circle once you roll it. You want to be very gentle with the rice, don’t compress
it, don’t over pack it, you just want to slightly fluff it out and really just get it nice and
airy. You don’t want to have mushy squished compressed rice. You want it to just be loosely
packed. Now you add the two large packages of tuna,
these will form the eyes of the panda. I am just going to add a little bit more rice here
and there, now some more rice on top. There we go…again I am just filling in a little
bit of sushi rice here just where I feel I need some more — nearly done.
Okay, now to roll it — you bring up one side and then bring up the other side and make
sure they overlap and then slightly softly compress them together and then roll it around
just to make sure it’s perfectly circle. Now you can use a bamboo rolling mat as an
aid here, but it’s really not necessary. Give it a try first without, if you can’t do it
there is no shame, take a bamboo rolling mat and try it with that instead.
Put if off to one side, and now you take two sheets of Nori and you just glue them together
by adding a little bit of cooked sushi rice in between and this will act as glue — just
like so. And then you place this one on top of that one — perfect.
Now you cover three quarters of this larger Nori sheet with the green sushi rice you prepared
earlier. Again, be very gentle with the sushi rice, you really want to spread it out without
over packing it. It’s more like fluffing it out, you don’t want to compress sushi rice.
Now you take two chopsticks and just put them about where you think the ears will be and
you just press them in and then take them out. And then the grooves you created, what
you do is you add your last tuna packages which will make the ears and then on top of
this with the right orientation so the eyes are on the bottom now, you place your pre-made
panda face. Then you just wrap it around, you see it’s
perfect. Now if you need to add some more, you could always just separate back, add a
little more rice and then reseal it. Here I am going to just seal it, and then
just wrap around — there we go. Now in case this isn’t holding you can always
add a little bit of rice in between the layer, but as long as your rice is pretty fresh it
should tighten up straight away the Nori and it should be no problem.
Okay, so here comes the moment of truth, time to cut it. Now you take a very sharp knife,
dip it in some water so the rice doesn’t stick to it too much and it makes it easier to cut
through the rice. Now you want to do this preferably in as little motion as possible
but when you need to, you might need to saw through this and it’s just because it’s such
a large roll and the rice starts to bobby down.
You just slice through it and viola, there we go, the panda sushi roll done.
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