How to Make Rawhide Art : How to Mold a Rawhide Sculpture

Hello there. On behalf of Expert,
my name is Candace Copeland. I would like to welcome you into my world of rawhide art,
and I am going to give you a little demonstration because it’s hard to believe that these big
pieces come out with such detail. This is a piece of rawhide that has been soaked overnight.
There is another process that it takes to stretch it, to mold it, to whatever. It takes,
I would say, a full day and a half just to prep the hide. And then you get your mold.
So for example, this is made out of like an old antique-y kind of thing. I’m always looking
for things like this. It’s kind of a plastic-y. I have worked one over wood, but wood is too
porous. It’s not a good mold. Bronze works, metal, this old-time plastic-y stuff. So basically,
how about I leave that one right there. After this is extremely worked, then this goes down
over it. Now, as much as you would think this is an easy, easy medium to work in, because
you think, Oh well, they’re just putting it over a mold, no big deal. It takes approximately
two days just working over the mold. Sometimes I have to re-wet, I’ve got to stretch, I’ve
got to form things. I’ve got to really keep it just at that right, perfect, solid, all-the-way-around,
constantly pressing, waiting for it to dry. Going away, coming back every few minutes
to get more detail, to get more detail. So as that starts to happen, it’s fun because
it’s like developing a black and white photograph in your darkroom, and you start to see the
face up here.

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  • Virginia Hil

    I will love to see more videos from you and tutorials. please write a book digital. you are amazing.


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